Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Don't you hate it when you tune in to your fave radio show...and there are only 5 minutes left?

"What have I missed?!"

NO WORRIES! Charlie and Debbie's "Same Day Replay" catches you up on all the fun, foolishness, contests, etc. from each day's show-posted no later than 6:15 each weekday.

Sounds Exactly Like Bradley Cooper

George Strait's hangover cure?  I'd rather be hungover.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  This is, without question, the wildest, strangest "Mystery Voice" game yet!  What's your personal record in anything?  "Smartest Person..." looks back at childhood.  And in "Other News..." KFC kidnappers?

Ever Thought Of Dipping With Your Husband?

Blake Shelton crosses over to the darkside in "Celebrity Dirt."  This, may be, the most frustrating edition of "Mystery Voice" yet!  What do you wish your spouse/significant other would voluntarily give up?  "Smartest Person..." deals with kitchen basics.  And in "Other News..." a dating app for cows?