Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Don't you hate it when you tune in to your fave radio show...and there are only 5 minutes left?

"What have I missed?!"

NO WORRIES! Charlie and Debbie's "Same Day Replay" catches you up on all the fun, foolishness, contests, etc. from each day's show-posted no later than 6:15 each weekday.

Replacing The Toilet Paper Without Being Told

Glitter Farting Trolls?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Great game of "Real or Fake."  What did your parents want you to be?  How different is it than what you became?  "Smartest Person..." is about parental thievery.  And in "Other News..." beware what you say in front of your parrot.

My Dog Ate My Cell Phone

Beware getting the Asian tattoo w/o an interpreter present.  Learn why in "Celebrity Dirt."  "Who Do You Trust?!" returns.  What was that tough explain to the cell phone place about how you broke your phone?  "Smartest Person..." deals with an almost universal agreement.  And in "Other News..." Anti-natalism?!

Not Safe To Pee Or Make Toast

Carrie Underwood...beautiful.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Charlies grandmother is on the show on the occassion of her 102nd birthday!  Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a celebrity?  "Smartest Person..." is a man's lie we don't believe.  And in "Other News..." stay away from Australia