Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Don't you hate it when you tune in to your fave radio show...and there are only 5 minutes left?

"What have I missed?!"

NO WORRIES! Charlie and Debbie's "Same Day Replay" catches you up on all the fun, foolishness, contests, etc. from each day's show-posted no later than 6:15 each weekday.

Cooking Nekked

"Celebrity Dirt" tells why you shouldn't be surprised if you don't see the Trumps bowing before the Queen.  "Which of These Does Not Belong" makes a successful return to the game rotation.  What is your spouse/significant other surprisingly afraid of?  "Smartest Person..." is kitchen related.  And in "Other News..." now the gators are coming in…

Eating Raw Frogs

"Celebrity Dirt" tells of an AMAZING Thanksgiving for Charlie Sheen-according to his ex-wife.  This game sucked.  We're so glad we just gave up.  What made you say, "I'm too old for this?"  "Smartest Person..." is a wedding ritual for some guys.  And in "Other News..." No good ever comes from shooting yourself in the man…

Mom's A Cruise Director, Dad's An ATM

Luke Bryan doesn't want to stop judging American Idol (or give up that paycheck,we bet), details in "Celebrity Dirt."  An EASY "Mystery Voice."  Does your kid play favorites with parents when it come to requests?  "Smartest Person..." is what teens hate.  And in "Other News..." gators on floaties!