Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Don't you hate it when you tune in to your fave radio show...and there are only 5 minutes left?

"What have I missed?!"

NO WORRIES! Charlie and Debbie's "Same Day Replay" catches you up on all the fun, foolishness, contests, etc. from each day's show-posted no later than 6:15 each weekday.

Those Aren't My Socks

Mick Jagger's heart's in trouble but Keith Richards is healthy?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  A "Wolf Dancing" edition of "Mystery Voice."  What did you spent a ton of money on-and it was worth it to you-but others thought you were nuts?  "Smartest Person..." is exercising.  And in "Other News..." a chainsaw in the pants?!

Do You Bring Handcuffs To A Sauna?

Carrie Underwood with a rookie mom move this weekend.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt." Well, we THOUGHT "Mystery Voice" was easy today.  THIS is why you DON'T want cameras in your restaurant's kitchen.  "Smartest Person..." is a desert fave.  And in "Other News..." do you take handcuffs into a sauna?

Hangry And Aggressive In Your Pants

Scotty McCreery and his American Idol truck in "Celebrity Dirt."  GREAT item up for bids in "The Price Is Right."  Does your man think he could handle childbirth, even though you know he can't?  "Smartest Person..." is a relationship touchstone.  And in "Other News..." he put WHAT in his pants?!