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Blood Of A Really Dumb Donkey

The Queen's gonna freak at Harry and Meghan's nanny plans in "Celebrity Dirt."  A "Mystery Voice" that should be answered in the form of a question.  You ever get dumped/dumped someone for a reason out of your/their control?  "Smartest Person..." is a new way to look at writing implements.  And in "Other News..." words you…

Don't Post The Perky Boob Photo

Jana Kramer with an epic Mommy rant in "Celebrity Dirt."  "Mystery Voice" is back to stumping everyone.  Did you have to pass a "Personal Parent Test" before you could do something?  "Smartest Person..." is a man embarrassment situation.  And in "Other News..." Florida women with baseball bats

You Can Find Love On The Street

"Celebrity Dirt" tells of an Atlanta weather person who received DEATH THREATS for breaking in during "The Masters."  GREAT edition of "Who Do You Trust?!"  What do you hope/did you hope your man would learn by 40?  "Smartest Person..." is like a Travis Tritt song.  And in "Other News..." stay away from Australia