Secret Sound Homepage | Secret Sound Clues

  1. Shaking dice in Yahtzee, and snapping your fingers
  2. Snapping your fingers and dropping your wallet on a beach towel
  3. Lid off aspirin bottle and dice being dropped onto a table
  4. snapping your fingers three times
  5. cracking nuts
  6. elbow macaroni and a wine cork dropped into a tin can
  7. an allen wrench and elbow macaroni in a pill bottle
  8. dog eating out of a dog bowl
  9. Tic tac being shaken inside its container
  10. Someone snapping their fingers and slapping their wrist at the same time
  11. Clapping wood blocks together
  12. klacker on a desk
  13. Somebody eating something and smacking their lips
  14. Somebody eating a cheeto
  15. clicking fingernails on a desk
  16. grandfather clock ticking
  17. wood blocks in a tin can
  18. a Kenny Chesney bobblehead bouncing up and down
  19. cracking knuckles
  20. deer rattles
  21.  taking a straw and making bubbles in a drink
  22. cymbals clanging
  23. someone crushing up ice
  24. someone shaking a cup
  25. playing the game trouble
  26. someone holding a glass or a cup and someone is clicking it
  27. ping pong
  28. vitamins being dropped into a medicine bottle
  29. a horse walking on a hard surface
  30. closing the binder clips in a notebook one at a time
  31. 2 cups 2 coins being shaken twice and turned over on the third time
  32. drumming fingernails on the plastic takeout coffee cup lid
  33. snapping your fingers and hitting the palm of your hand with your fist
  34. clicking a pen twice and dropping in a cup
  35. snapping your fingers
  36. Dice in a cup
  37. led shaker survivor flashlight being rotated
  38. shaking a pen in a container
  39. someone clicking a set of keys on a yeti cup
  40. Tanner smacking his lips while eating a cracker
  41. shaking a Tootsie Roll in a Tootsie Roll bank
  42. playing the spoons
  43. playing the 3 cup game with seashells on a granite countertop
  44. tanner’s fingernails on a glass table
  45. racking up pool balls in a triangle
  46. Spanish dancers with castanets
  47. Horse hoofs
  48. tapping your pencil or pen on anything
  49. someone shaking a pair of finger nail clippers inside a film canister
  50. some body  shaking dice in a cup then stirring it around
  51. a Lego, a button and a paper clip being dropped into separate cups
  52. Two marbles clicking together
  53. rocks being dropped on some tile
  54. operating a stapler and clicking your fingers
  55. paddle ball game with rubber band
  56. somebody flipping VHS flap
  57. synchronized clock gears
  58. shaking a lego piece in a insulated cup
  59. a phone hanging up
  60. someone with rings on their  fingers tapping their hands againest a yeti
  61. three stick pins and a key in an empty drink bottle
  62. shaking a bobblehead
  63. shaking a thing of toothpicks up and down
  64. pair of plastic dentures clicking together
  65. dropping a pen on the table 3 times
  66. shaking pencils in a plastic cup
  67. Flipping a breaker
  68. Somebody clapping their hands
  69. somebody shaking a screw in a film canister
  70. tapping on an ozark cup with a drum stick three times
  71. dropping jelly beans one at a time in a yeti cup
  72. dropping jelly beans one by one in film cannisters
  73. a pencil hitting a broken bobblehead
  74. someone tap-dancing
  75. a pencil, ink pen and sharpie in a plastic pencil holder being shaken back and forth
  76. desktop ball clacker (Newton’s cradle)
  77. small paper clips and a large paper clip in an empty bottle being shaken
  78. A credit card flipped on a mason jar
  79. someone clicking a pen 3 times
  80. last dose of pain reliever being shaken in the bottle
  81. hitting an aluminum can with a stick three times
  82. opening and closing a sharpie
  83. someone playing castenets  with their fingers
  84. someone clicking their tongue
  85. rain on the rooftop
  86. three cd cases being closed one after the other
  87. popping bubble wrap
  88. punching the the bubble button on the game of Trouble
  89. 2 pennies dropping into a plastic egg then a quarter
  90. phone hanging up
  91. two rock em sock em robots playing rock paper scissors
  92. 3 clicks on a push button lighter
  93. snapping fingers n each hand, then slapping one hand with a cupped hand
  94. opening and closing a Zippo lighter
  95. pushing the bubble on the board game “Trouble”
  96. stamping a piece of paper three times with an office stamp
  97. clicking earbuds against a yeti cup
  98. electric stapler
  99. shuffling cards
  100. somebody shaking a pair of nail clippers and an empty film container in a backpack
  101. empty Vienna sausage can and drooping a ink pen through it
  102. 3 way light switch being turned on an off
  103. Candy coming out of a Pez dispenser
  104. a deadbolt locking and unlocking
  105. a stapler stapling 3 times
  106. high heels clicking on the floor
  107. revolver cocking back
  108. a horse biting a bit
  109. the thing you mash on the ice cream scooper
  110. someone playing rock paper scissors
  111. clicking together a salt and pepper shaker into a glass cup
  112. taking a drum stick, hitting on a rim snare then dropping the stick
  113. walking out on a dance floor that has taps on the bottom of their boots
  114. tanner pulling the tabs off a drink can, dropping them in the can and shaking them
  115. someone cooking and tapping the spoon putting the lid back on the pot
  116. dropping a salt shaker and pepper shaker on top of each other in a coffee cup
  117. putting a salt and pepper shaker into a bowl and putting the bowl on a table
  118. car keys opening a car door
  119. spray paint can with the balls shaking inside
  120. key box, key to the car, key to the home
  121. spoon and cell phone flopping in a coffee mug
  122. shaking a pen and pencil in a cup
  123. 3 people clapping hands all at same time
  124. tapping a tooth brush and toothbrush cap and a vitamin tablet on the edge of the sink
  125. a couple having a dinner and they are tapping glassses
  126. twisting a salt grinder, twisting a pepper grinder and twisting a cap off a soda bottle
  127. pulling a piece of tape off a tape dispenser
  128. turning a salt grinder, a pepper grinder, and a door lock
  129. toothbrush and a razor in a rinse cup
  130. two bottle caps being shaken in a cup
  131. toothpaste cap being stirred in a plastic cup with a toothbrush
  132. twisting a salt grinder, pepper grinder, and the cap on a vitamin bottle
  133. twisting a salt grinder, pepper grinder, and a bottle top
  134. A metronome
  135. tooth brush, tooth paste and a comb in a plastic cup
  136. two screw drivers  and a paint brush clapping together
  137. toothpaste, toothbrush with bubble bath being stirred around in a paper cup
  138. putting a spoon, a toothbrush and toothpaste down on a cabinet
  139. twisting a salt mill, a pepper grinder, and a deodorant bottle
  140. opening a keurig, putting in a pod and closing it to make coffee
  141. rattling car keys inside a metal coffee can with a toothbrush
  142. salt and pepper grinder into a coffee cup
  143. grinding a salt and pepper shaker and closing a keurig
  144. toothbrush and floss inside a coffee travel mug
  145. turning a salt and pepper shaker into a travel mug
  146. two snaps and a clap
  147. somebody putting a lid  over a thermos
  148. popping a top on a vegetable soup can, popping a top on the soup mug and clicking your seat belt
  149. a keurig cup, a key, and a wedding band
  150. shaking a toothbrush and toothpaste in a travel coffee mug
  151. key, travel mug and a coffee bean
  152. twisting a salt grinder and twisting a pepper grinder and pulling the lid off a coffee canister
  153. k cup and keys inside of a thermos
  154. teaspoon of sugar in coffee cup popping the creamer top unlocking the dead bolt
  155. somebody made coffee and put a lid on it, and tapping a key on top of the lid
  156. tapping a key on the side of a thermos full of coffee
  157. tapping their key againest the side of their travel coffee mug
  158. a key and a drivers license being shaken in a plastic travel coffee cup
  159. a key and a keyring being shaken in a travel coffee mug
  160. car fob and a k cup being shaken inside a plastic coffee cup
  161. k cup and a  car key in a travel mug being shaken
  162. coffee grinder with bubble bath and shampoo being stirred inside a paper cup
  163. keys dropping in the cupholder in the car
  164. tapping your keys against your travel mug filled with coffee
  165. cup and a key being dropped into a coffee cup
  166. coffee beans being dropped into a grinder
  167. somebody tapping their car keey and their car key fab on the lid of a coffee grinder
  168. three credits cards dropping down on a desk
  169. someone tapping their car key and their car key fab on the side of a coffee grinder
  170. dropping a coffee bean and your keys into a thermal coffee cup
  171. car key, house key and a cup of coffee
  172. roasting/brewing coffee and grinding the beans
  173. coffee grounds, driver’s license and a key being shaken in a mug
  174. coffee being ground and percolated