Garth Brooks’ Message For The Former President

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood took to social media to wish their friend, former President Jimmy Carter, a happy 99th birthday on Sunday (10/1). Garth posted a special video message to the President on his Instagram. In the clip, he said with his wife Trisha Yearwood, "Happy birthday, Mr. President, Garth Brooks here and your second favorite Georgia Peach." Trisha says, "We love you; happy birthday." Brooks adds, "We've got a lot of people that want to tell you happy birthday." The clip then cuts to a Habitat For Humanity celebration, and the whole crowd sings Happy Birthday to the 39th president. After the news in February (2023) that the former President is in [inlink id="garth-brooks-on-jimmy-carter-hes-carried-this-torch" text="hospice care"], Garth talked about his friend on Inside Studio G. Brooks worked side-by-side with the Carters at multiple Carter Work Projects with Habitat for Humanity. He said, "This guy has probably done more with his post-president life – arguably – than any other president. He's carried this torch. And what he's carried the torch for is empathy, understanding, and realizing that thoughts on the other side are different from the thoughts here, but both of them are toward love. And sometimes it's just talking through it," He added that the former President has been carrying the torch for peace for some time, saying, "Are you going to pick it up? Are you going to be the one that picks it up? Spread love. Empathy. Spread forgiveness. Spread communication. This is what this guy is all about." [inlink id="garth-brooks-limited-series-box-set" text="RELATED:Garth Brooks Announces 'Limited Series' Box Set"] Brooks did something he had [inlink id="garth-brooks-does-something-hes-never-done-before" text="never done before"] for his wife Trisha Yearwood's birthday a few weeks ago (9/19). Garth gushed on Studio G last night (9/18), "I made a cake." He admitted that he wasn't feeling confident about the outcome. The reason came to light when Trisha arrived a little while later and discovered the cake in the kitchen. Brooks said, "Here's the confession. The first layer came out great." He then explained that he had trouble getting the second layer out of the cake pan. Garth continued, "I thought, 'Well, just let it sit and go ice the first layer.' And then it started to come loose! I went, 'All right!' So then I'm standing there with it in my hand, but I haven't iced the first one yet. So I've got it in one hand, trying to ice with the other one, and it starts to fall apart. It was horrible!" Trisha revealed Garth wasn't exactly smooth in executing his plan. She said, "Late last night, I get this, 'Hey, if a fella, a friend of mine was going to be baking a cake, and the recipe called for a square pan, but I want to put it in a round pan – my friend wanted to put it in a round pan'" The clues that someone had been baking also weren't hard to spot when she got home. She noted, "I saw all the dirty dishes in the sink, so I know he made it." [select-gallery gallery_id="537647" syndication_name="country-musics-richest-country-stars-in-2023" description="no"]

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