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Emerging Nekked From A Manhole

Meghan Markle taking "time off" post birth?!  IKR  "Details in Celebrity Dirt."  And 80s throwback for "Mystery Voice."  Were you ever mortified by what your parents wore to your school?  "Smartest Person..." is a dating thing.  And in "Other News..." pole dancing class for college credit?

Beware The HUGE Panthers' Plans In SC

“There’s a misunderstanding that we are building a little practice facility,” Mark Hart, the Panthers’ vice president for development, told The State. “But our new headquarters is just a portion of the project we want to build. . . . (New Panthers’ owner David Tepper) is thinking big.”

Does This Smell Funny?

Jana Kramer apologizes for no reason (IMO) today in "Celebrity Dirt."  "Who Do You Trust?!" goes up in smoke.  On Admin. Asst. Day, what's the strangest request the boss has made of you?  "Smartest Person..." turns women off.  And in "Other News.." how trained is your cat?!

Cut The Royal Cheese

Luke Combs with an unlikely success story in "Celebrity Dirt."  Surprisingly successful "Mystery Voice" (IMO).  Ever "go big" with a proposal and he/she didn't notice?  "Smartest Person..." provides more insight into women.  And in "Other News..." some serious yoga pants abuse!