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Smash Him In The Snotbox

The Mike Tyson gorilla story not to be missed in "Celebrity Dirt."  Why doesn't anyone believe Charlie in "Who Do You Trust?!"  Who have you seen in their underwear that you can't unsee?  "Smartest Person..." is about annual change.  And in "Other News..." who cares about spilled broccoli?

Bouquet Of Turnips

The Rock calls out Blake Shelton in "Celebrity Dirt."  Some President's Day fun and no, Jimmy Carter is NOT dead.  That crazy idea you had in your head as a kid that you thought was gospel.  "Smartest Person..." is President-centric.  And in "Other News..." sometimes a cougar isn't a cougar.

Keith Urban And Post Malone ROCK!

No doubt you're going to hear nothing but raves when it comes to NBC's "Elvis All-Star Tribute" that aired last night. We're not going to go THAT far as, honestly, there are just some Elvis songs that we don't think are all that strong no matter who's singing them (but we realize that's just us).