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Smash Him In The Snotbox

The Mike Tyson gorilla story not to be missed in "Celebrity Dirt."  Why doesn't anyone believe Charlie in "Who Do You Trust?!"  Who have you seen in their underwear that you can't unsee?  "Smartest Person..." is about annual change.  And in "Other News..." who cares about spilled broccoli?

Bouquet Of Turnips

The Rock calls out Blake Shelton in "Celebrity Dirt."  Some President's Day fun and no, Jimmy Carter is NOT dead.  That crazy idea you had in your head as a kid that you thought was gospel.  "Smartest Person..." is President-centric.  And in "Other News..." sometimes a cougar isn't a cougar.

Sounds Exactly Like Bradley Cooper

George Strait's hangover cure?  I'd rather be hungover.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  This is, without question, the wildest, strangest "Mystery Voice" game yet!  What's your personal record in anything?  "Smartest Person..." looks back at childhood.  And in "Other News..." KFC kidnappers?

They Call Me Poop

George Clooney barks up the wrong tree in "Celebrity Dirt."  "Mystery Voice" continues to confound-even when it's one of Country's biggest stars!  Ever pulled a "Miranda?"  "Smartest Person..." puts a "bow" on things.  And in "Other News..." four words:  keep away from India

That Won't Photograph Well

Tim McGraw is all class in "Celebrity Dirt."  Play along with "Valentine's Town or Not."  Ladies, bless his heart, but what was his biggest, most epic Valentine's fail?  "Smartest Person..." is our most controversial ever.  And in "Other News..." beware pigs on Bahamian beaches

She's Got More Ugly Than She Can Use

"Challenges" to be a Royal?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Clint Black's love secrets revealed.  Ever been set up by Mom/Dad to disastrous results?!  "Smartest Person..." deals with sleeping with you know who.  And in "Other News..." who would WANT to marry 3 women?

Ever Thought Of Dipping With Your Husband?

Blake Shelton crosses over to the darkside in "Celebrity Dirt."  This, may be, the most frustrating edition of "Mystery Voice" yet!  What do you wish your spouse/significant other would voluntarily give up?  "Smartest Person..." deals with kitchen basics.  And in "Other News..." a dating app for cows?

Tastes Like Zombie

According to "Celebrity Dirt," Londoners are taking "The Walking Dead" WAYYYY too seriously.  "Wrong is Right" never fails to entertain.  Ever had an embarrassing photo bomb show up?  "Smartest Person..." looks to the stars.  And in "Other News..." who talks to a kangaroo?

Buford Git Yer Gun!

Dr. Oz is gonna be a Queen City baller according to "Celebrity Dirt."  Fun game of "Who Do You Trust?!"  When were you busted singing out loud to yourself?  "Smartest Person..." is a dog and cats thing.  And in "Other News..." gotta love a good Bingo brawl.