It's A Family Heirloom

The Pioneer Woman's Daughter finds out the perils of being a celebs kid today in "Celebrity Dirt."  Find out what current country artist's speaking voice sound like Garth Brooks' with the "Mystery Voice" game.  What's the weirdest thing you've inherited?  "Smartest Person..." is repetitive.  And in "Other News..." how many don't wear deodorant?!

You Step In It Sooner Or Later

"Celebrity Dirt" has the 411 on Chris Lane's engagement.  "Mystery Voice" continues to confound.  What extremes have you gone to to break a bad habit?  "Smartest Person..." is a retail thing.  And in "Other News..." a valedictorian's blast!

Might As Well Bite The Cow

"Celebrity Dirt" has details on Blake Shelton making more than Gwen Stefani for "The Voice."  "Who Do You Trust?!" has a familiar conclusion.  Are you or do you know a "Food Rule" violator?  "Smartest Person..." is a girl thing.  And in "Other News..." cat ears on politicians?

Charlie And Debbies Same Day Replay-Go To Helen Hunt For It 061719

"Thor's" first job in "Celebrity Dirt."  Maybe the best game of "Wrong Is Right...EVER!  Ever capitalized on having a famous name?  Know someone who did?  "Smartest Person..." is a casual thing.  And in "Other News..." drinking urine support group?

Nana Put Ketchup On The Corn

Please...no more "Rambo" movies in "Celebrity Dirt."  That moment when an EASY "Mystery Voice" gets REAL hard.  #WhyMyKidIsCrying is HILARIOUS!  "Smartest Person..." is a Cherie Berry thing.  And in "Other News..." monkeys taking selfies

The Queen's HOA

Wanna buy the Queen's house?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Father's Day origins in "Who Do You Trust?!"  What is a "Dad Skill" you wish he hadn't passed down to the kids?  "Smartest Person..." is a sobering fast food fact.  And in "Other News..." who has a pet alligator.

It's A Texture Issue

Maren Morris taking it off in Playboy, details in "Celebrity Dirt."  EASY game of "Which of These Does Not Belong."  What have you NEVER eaten that everyone else has?  "Smartest Person..." is a piracy thing.  And in "Other News..." your dog is a bear?!

Bathing In The Glaze Fountain

"Celebrity Dirt" details the new, ginormous Krispy Kreme in NYC.  A "Mystery Voice" being "wrestled with."  Does your spouse have "rules" when he/she leaves the house?  "Smartest Person..." details a waste of money.  And in "Other News..." bears eating Twizzlers!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Sweats

Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Funny edition of "Who Said It?"  Did you attend your ex wife/husband's next wedding?  "Smartest Person..." is a social media shocker.  And in "Other News..." beware monkey selfies, ladies

Coolest House On the Block

Wait til you hear about Dennis Quaid's love life in "Celebrity Dirt."  And "Excellent" edition of "Mystery Voice."  What was the coolest house on the block when/where you grew up?  "Smartest Person..." is a husband's trade in.  And in "Other News..." beware requesting a ride along when you are wanted.