The Hornets Visit the The New 103.7 Studio!

With the Hornets General Manager Mitch Kupchak in the studio and Fred Whitfield President and Vice Chairman, you are going to want to hear all about opening night and 30th year anniversary! Be sure to visit the Tanner in the Mornings for the full exclusive interview coming soon!

Amazing Shots from This Week in Sports

Sports are a big part of our lives, so this week we wanted to showcase some of those amazing moments captured in action. Check out our photos below and see eight different amazing action-packed sports shots.

How Much Work Actually Gets Done During March?

Just about NONE! Seriously, its crazy on how much work doesn't get done during March Madness.  In fact a new survey has found that the average employee will only spend about 25.5 minutes a day on March Madness, but lets be honest, it's a lot more! 46% of workers enjoy March Madness while 33% say…