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Catherine and I had an opportunity to talk to Lainey Wilson very early on, before anyone had ever heard her name.  We looked at each other after the interview and knew this girl is the real deal.  Since then she is skyrocketing to stardom both as a singer/songwriter and as an actress.  Love the story about when Lainey Wilson wrote her very first song at a young age.

She appeared on Kelly Clarkson and shared the story of the first song she ever wrote at the tender age of nine.  The song was called Lucky Me.  It was written at a sleepover with a friend and was about, you guessed it, a boy.  Lainey sang a few versus for Kelly.

She just performed a sold out show at Coyote Joe’s and hopefully will be able to come back before she starts playing stadium shows.  To learn more about Lainey’s early song writing days, get details right here from Webflow Tv.