North Carolina City Named Among The Best For Active Travelers

When it comes to options for active travelers Charlotte's got a lot. See what I did there? There are two types of people on vacation- the doers and the relaxers. I'm certainly among the doers. If I'm spending the time and money to go somewhere new I want to be out and about seeing all that city or town has to offer. Not sitting in the hotel all day. However my definition of "doing" is not full-blown athletic activities. I may go on a short hike or something of the sort but I'm certainly not participating in sports. A beach bike ride, sure thing. But you won't find me on a pickleball court. That being said there are plenty of people who fit the definition of active travelers. And for those people did you know that for active travelers Charlotte actually has a lot to offer? Summer vacation season is fast approaching and our friends and the travel experts at loveholidays conducted a study on the top destinations for fitness lovers in the US. The research is based on factors current to 2024 including the number of gyms, activities, and tennis courts. If that's something you need on vacation! According to the study, Charlotte ranked 14th as the best destination for active travelers in the United States. When it comes to options for Active Travelers Charlotte has: No of Fitness Centre & Gyms: 6 No of Activities: 573 No of Sport Camps: 6 No of Tennis Courts: 95 Total: 1.8 Overall 35 cities were ranked. The best city for active travelers? You may not have guessed Las Vegas. But according to this study, it is! Thanks to our friends at loveholidays for sharing their research with us. You can view the full study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="489701" syndication_name="airlines-you-can-fly-from-charlotte-concord" description="yes"]

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