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Ice Skating Is Back At North Carolina’s US National Whitewater Center

In a weird way, Christmas break is not too dissimilar to summer break for parents.  The first few days its great.  You're together.  It's all good.  And then at some point, you hear this, "Mom/Dad, I'm bored."  Here's the big difference.  In Summer, weather's not really an issue.  There's lots of activity to get kids involved with.  A lot of which, they can do on their own.  In the winter, weather can be an issue.  This IS NOT an issue at The US National Whitewater Center.  Again this year, ice skating has returned. We've done this several times at several different locations as a family.  There's nothing but fun and laughter that comes from a family ice skating adventure.  Each year the US National Whitewater Center transforms their upper pond into an ice skating experience for all ages and experience levels.   The Whitewater Center’s ice rink consists of over 24,000 sq. ft. of unique skating space split into four distinct skating areas, including two ice trails and two free skate zones.  Centered in the converted pond is an on-ice Airstream serving hot and cold beverages when guests need a skate break. The cost is just $25 per person.  This price DOES include your skate rental.  And skates are required to be on the ice (oh, and not to sound like your mom, but please remember to wear socks).  You can bring your own skates, but still must pay for access. Ice Skating at The US National Whitewater Center is open daily and evenings thru mid-February AND is even open on Christmas Day from 4pm-10pm.  So, after the presents are open and all the food eaten, what a cool family outing this would be, right? Get tickets here. [select-listicle listicle_id="393986" syndication_name="charlottewinter-010523" description="yes"]  

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