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Legendary 90s Country Music Singer To Play Carowinds This Summer

There are two reasons why I am fired up about LeAnn Rimes' return to the Queen City this summer.  First, hello, it's LeAnn Rimes.  From the moment we first heard that voice as a young teenage girl in the mid 1990s belting out "Blue," we knew she was special.  LeAnn Rimes has gone on to be a generational talent.  Her voice, still amazingly strong is almost without parallel.  In fact, when I discovered she's currently a judge on the British version of "The Voice," my initial thought was, "Well, WHO ELSE is better qualified?!" The second reason for my excitement about Rimes return to the area is the venue.  When I was a boy growing up in Houston, Texas, the big amusement park was "Astroworld."  In the 1980s, the park opened "Southern Star Amphitheater."  During the spring and summer, that was THE venue to see concerts.  If I saw one there, I saw fifty.  I remember coming to see my grandparents here in Charlotte one summer and discovering the "Paladium Amphitheater" was serving the same concert service here.  Open in 1975, the Paladium played host to such artists as Billy Joel and Jimmy Buffet.  Gradually, larger amphitheaters (see PNC Pavillion) began to open up and these theme park venues stopped hosting top tier talent. So, the nostalgic side of me is fired up for LeAnn Rimes' show at Carowinds coming July 5.  And her appearance is not an isolated event.  The park's Instagram has announced an entire lineup of shows this summer with more to come! #Carowinds Summer Music Fest amplified by Coke Studio™ will bring the thrill of live music to the park select Fridays and Saturdays in July and August. Experience 30+ performances across the park, with headline performances at the Paladium, the iconic on-site amphitheater. This multi-weekend music festival is free with park admission! 🎙️ PALADIUM HEADLINERS: LeAnn Rimes (July 5) Skillet (August 2) Flo Rida (August 9) How great is this?!  And how great is it going to be to hear LeAnn Rimes belting out such hits as "How Do I Live" this summer at Carowinds?! [select-listicle listicle_id="459065" syndication_name="all-13-of-carowinds-roller-coasters-ranked" description="yes"]

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