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Soldier Surprises Wife At Luke Bryan Concert

A U.S. soldier recently surprised his wife by coming home early from deployment. It happened at a Luke Bryan concert in Wisconsin. Soldier Chris Roelke made a sign saying, "Honey. I'm home.” He asked concert-goers to sign it while he waited for the reveal. Chris served for 22 years and recently spent 9 months in Kuwait with the Reserves in the 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment command. He planned to surprise his wife at the show but was unsure of the outcome. "She always figures things out. It's very hard to surprise her, so I'm kind of nervous that we're actually able to pull it off," he said. Chris pulled off the surprise and is happy to be home with his wife and seven kids.  Check the story link at WFMZ-TV for the emotional video.  How did you surprise your partner after coming home after serving? [select-listicle listicle_id="342334" syndication_name="charlotte-has-9th-most-veteran-owned-businesses-in-the-u-s" description="yes"]

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