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There’s a lot of talk lately about the rising cost of everything. And, that includes groceries, dining out and even fast food burgers. Of course, there’s one chain in particular that caused a stir when a social media post of the receipt went viral. And, that receipt showed a burger, small fry and a drink rang in at over $24. So, that leaves us all in search of more reasonable prices. And, it led me to start checking around for the cheapest burgers in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

And, in doing my informal research, I merely did a quick preliminary search online for ‘cheapest burgers in Charlotte.’  Then, I simply checked the menu of the suggestions online to find the cost of a basic burger at each location.  So, that’s about as easy as it gets.  And, let’s face it, most of the time when we grab a fast food or drive thru burger it’s an impulse purchase rather than one we bargain shop for.  Usually, we’re on the go or running errands.  Or, we know we won’t have time to cook.  So, it’s an easy meal for a single or the family in some cases.

And, it used to be an economical one.  I mean, we know quick on-the-go-burgers aren’t always the healthiest option.  So, the selling point was always convenience and price point.  However, increasingly, that’s no longer the case.   Owners of these franchises point out rising labor and ingredients cost as contributing factors to the problem.

But, I still enjoy a good burger.  Although, I do take a beat now before carelessly just pulling up to a window to order from a menu board.  Gone are the days my husband and I could grab a fast food burger for $10, or the change in our car pocket.  So without further adieu, let’s look at some of the cheapest burgers in Charlotte.  These prices are current as of March 10, 2024 and in no particular order.  I did not include large national scale franchise drive thrus.

  • 1. South 21 Drive In

    South 21 Drive In has been a Charlotte favorite since 1955. The spot at 3101 Independence Blvd. in Charlotte is a good old fashioned drive-in type operation. They advertise themselves as ‘Home of the Super Boy Hamburger.’ And, they’ve even been featured on Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri’s “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.” In scanning the menu I see a basic hamburger at $4.75. Add cheese for $4.95 total. And, the famous ‘Super Boy’ is $8.85.  So, add it to our cheapest burgers in Charlotte list.

  • CHUBZ Famous Chiliburgers

    This is a spot on Woodlawn Rd. in Charlotte that I am not yet familiar with.  However, after reading the Yelp reviews, I must try it.  The owners are a father and son duo from California.  And, the website says they specialize in serving up SoCal inspired burgers and chili dogs.  Apparently, they do just that.  According to reviewers, it’s reminiscent of Tommy’s or In N Out.  And, folks rave about the house made fries, too!  So, what’s the damage for a burger at CHUBZ?  The menu says a deluxe single burger rings in at $7.25.  And, the deluxe double cheeseburger is $8.50.  And, that adds it to our cheapest burgers in Charlotte list.

  • Pinky's Westside Grill

    This addition to our cheapest burgers in Charlotte list is a Charlotte institution.  And, it also has appeared on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives.  Pinky’s is at 1600 West Morehead Street in Charlotte and on Gilead Rd. in Huntersville.  Customers can snag the Pinky’s Pterodactyl for $9.25.  And, with the addition of cheese for $1.00 more.  So, getting closer to $10.  But, still not bad by today’s standards.  Plus, the burgers at Pinky’s are really good.

  • ACE No. 3

    Next on our list of cheapest burgers in Charlotte is ACE No. 3.  We find this spot at 1001 Belmont Ave. in Charlotte.  They also have locations in Concord Mills and Myers Park.  The website describes ACE No. 3 as ‘simple, but pretty darn delicious.’  The restaurant scored ‘Best Burger’ from Charlotte Magazine four years running.  The menu features The Ace at just $9.65.  Or, under the ‘create it’ menu, the basic hamburger is just $8.45.  Some toppings are additional.   They also serve chili dogs and a variety of shakes.

  • Brooks Sandwich House

    This is a beloved Charlotte favorite at 2710 N. Brevard St.  We’re all familiar with the sad loss of one of the owners of the famous Brooks Sandwich House.  However, the family continues to operate the spot as Scott Brooks would’ve wanted.  And, customers flock to the cash only burger spot.  The latest publication of a menu with prices I could find was from a Facebook post from June of 2023.  And, it appears a basic burger at Brooks sets you back $6.50.  And, a cheeseburger goes for $7.05.  There’s plenty of toppings and add ons to gussy it up.  But, you can’t go wrong with this favorite.

  • Jack Beagles

    So, I started out hoping to find burgers right at or under $10 for this list.  And, for the most part, we did.  However, more often than not, I found the prices hovering between $10 and $15.  Therefore, we close out with Jack Beagles at 1404 W. Morehead St.  The spot is a favorite spot for game watching in Charlotte.  And, there’s locations in Mt. Holly and Noda.  And, it’s a solid choice with the ‘classic beagle’ burger ringing in at $10.95.  It’s a little more gourmet than the rest with a blend of chuck and sirloin and round with cheddar, lettuce and tomato and onion on Brioche.

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