Sweet Pup Rescued After An Emergency In The North Carolina Mountains

It is common this time of year. We head to the hills with our dogs to catch a glimpse of nature's great show. Things went wrong for one hiker but there is a happy ending.  Their sweet pup was rescued after an emergency in the North Carolina mountains. Like many of us, a hiker and his dog went to enjoy the changing leaves near Marion, North Carolina. But the dog was injured while the two were hiking in Linville Gorge. The dog hurt his back and an emergency ensued. Burke County is such a great community.  Dozens of volunteers sprang into action along with the Burke County rescue squad. After five hours the dog was safely rescued out of the Gorge. The dog's owner tried to save his dog by himself but became dehydrated after a couple of miles.  He called for help.  And help sure came. The dog was rescued at the Pinch-In trail at Linville Gorge. To learn more about how this sweet pup was rescued after an emergency in the North Carolina mountains, get details here from our source Channel 9. Want to know the best trails in this area? Learn more about them here. [select-listicle listicle_id="361584" syndication_name="looking-for-a-friend-these-are-the-most-adopted-dog-breeds-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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