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South Carolina Is Home To 4 Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In The Nation

Going out to a nice dinner is a treat.  And, especially these days as costs are skyrocketing.  You want to make the right choice to avoid disappointment for that special meal.  So, it's good to know with some guidance from Tripadvisor we find South Carolina is home to 4 of the best fine dining restaurants in the nation. According to Tripadvisor, 25 restaurants made the list for best fine dining.  And, their "Best of the Best" awards recognized these spots for quality and quantity of reviews in a 12 month cycle.  And, Charleston, South Carolina seemingly is a hot bed for fine dining.  It's really not surprising since it is a travel destination.  However, I have a few of my own favorites in the state that didn't show up.  We'll get to those after we mention the ones that did made the list. So, 3rd on Tripadvisor's list was Halls Chophouse, a "traditional American Steakhouse."  They give a nod to service and overall experience.  And, they have locations in Greenville and Columbia as well as other places.  Coming in at number 10 was Circa 1886.  The historic carriage house spot does traditional Lowcountry inspired fare.  Peninsula Grill is number 15.  This is one we almost visited on our last trip and plan to in the future.  It's tucked away in the historic district and has been noticed by many publications before.  And, there's Grill 225 at number 16.  It's a steakhouse in Market Pavillion Hotel. Now, there is a restaurant in Charleston that I consider fine dining that didn't make the list.  However, I always recommend it to folks.  It's Burwell's Stone Fire Grill.  It's billed as "a modern touch to the old school steakhouse."  Their square deviled eggs apps were so inventive and delish.  Plus, the steaks were amazing.  And, the Lamb Lollipops served on the 700 degree black lava stone were mind blowing.  Also don't even get me started about the peach cobbler! And, another I always like to point out is The Parson's Table in Little River, South Carolina near North Myrtle Beach.  The setting alone is enough to make my list.  It's in an historic refurbished church building.  The story, the food and the atmosphere are worth checking out.  So, that's my two cents to add to the best fine dining restaurants in South Carolina.  See the full list for yourself from Tripadvisor. [select-listicle listicle_id="403454" syndication_name="15-best-date-night-restaurants-in-and-around-charlotte-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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