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Pre-pandemic, many people would just drive to the airport and park their car there. Now, with an influx of cars trying to do the same thing, reserve your spot ahead of time online.

A new parking scam is swindling drivers out of money. WCNC investigated the con job happening in uptown.

The Better Business Bureau said there have been seven reports of drivers receiving fake citations after parking in private lots in South End and Uptown Charlotte.  Unsuspecting victims pay the fines online not realizing it’s a scam.

Here are the ways to spot a questionable ticket. Privately owned lots will usually tow or boot a car if it’s in violation. So, if someone gets a parking ticket for parking in a privately owned lot, they should triple-check that it’s legitimate. If the ticket says violators can pay the fine with Paypal or Venmo, Bartholomy said that’s a red flag. If the citation claims to be from the city or police but the car is on private property, that is also a red flag.

Five Facts You May Not Have Known About Charlotte, North Carolina

Maybe you just moved here.  It could be you have lived in the Charlotte area all your life.  Here are the top five facts you may not have known about Charlotte, North Carolina.

I have been in the Charlotte area most of adult life.  My entire career has been here but I must admit I was shocked at a few of these.  When I go to Carowinds, especially when I was little, I loved the Gold Rush roller coaster.  Turns out there was a very good reason why that roller coaster had that name.

I have been to more than my fair share of Charlotte Hornets games but I never knew how we got that name or mascot.  Those origins go straight back to the history books.  As a matter of fact you will find the name of our city right along with “hornets” from a very famous revolutionary war figure.

And how about animals? We LOVE animals even more than you can imagine.  But as much as we love animals,  there is one thing missing in Charlotte that most metropolitan areas do have.  What could that be. Here are the top five facts you may not have known about Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Charlotte Was Home To the Nation's First Gold Rush

    Did you know that the Charlotte area is home to the very first gold rush in 1799. A gold nugget was found by a 12 year old boy in Cabarrus county at the site now known as Reed Gold Mine. The second gold nugget was found in a local stream in the 1830s. From then, the gold rush was on.  You can still go to Reed Gold Mine to pan for your own gold and gems to this very day.

  • The Origin of the name "Charlotte Hornets"

    The Charlotte Hornets famous name dates back to 1780. When British General Cornwallis came through the area he proclaimed this area was a”hornets nest of rebellion” and the name stuck.  Our NBA franchise adopted the name and the rest is truly history.

  • Charlotte Is the largest metropolitan city in the nation with no zoo


    One of the reasons why Charlotte does not have a zoo is because authorities thought it would be a good idea to put a large zoo in the middle of the state.  Many people go to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC or the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina.

  • Hollywood came calling on Charlotte many times to make major films

    Due partially to tax reasons and beautiful locations, Charlotte and surrounding areas were chosen for a few really great movies that you have been seen or heard of.  The Hunger Games was filmed here and also in Cleveland County.  Who could forget Talladega Nights filmed at Charlotte Motor Speedway .  Shallow Hal with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black filmed here as well just to name a few.

  • Charlotte REALLY loves pets

    There are more than 170,000 registered cats and dogs in Mecklenburg County!  You will find multiple dog parks and doggie day cares in our area.  And if you are looking to adopt there is no shortage of facilities where you can find your next best friend