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If you do just about anything these days you need a laptop to get it done.  A North Carolina library is offering 20,000 FREE laptops.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is offering 20,000 refurbished laptops but there are just a few conditions to be eligible.  You must live in Mecklenburg county and you must be at least 18 years old. These are a couple of the requirements.  For more information get details from the library website right here.

Think about how dependent we as a society are on computers for day to day living.  And if you can’t afford one that would for sure put you at a disadvantage.  Most job applications are done online now and most health care providers insist you use their portal for communication.  This is an incredible service provided by the library.  So many people are enjoying working from home now.  Again, a computer is needed.  North Carolina is a great place to work from home, lots of opportunities! So excited this North Carolina library is offering 20,000 free laptops.

For more information on the best career fields for remote work in North Carolina, check it out right here.

These Are The Best Career Fields For Remote Work In North Carolina

One thing to come out of the pandemic? Remote work. Many people absolutely love it. I don’t mind having it as an option but personally the structure of returning to an office. But I know from talking to friends that I’m not the majority with that opinion. Well,  a FlexJobs survey dug a little deeper into that. In fact, they found that 65% of survey respondents want to remain full-time remote workers and shockingly 58% said they would search for a new job if they can’t continue working from home post-pandemic. That’s “make or break” for over half of the respondents. Companies take note. FlexJobs notes that from January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, the number of remote job postings in their database increased 12% over 2020.

But what type of jobs are people working from home from? Unsurprisingly, many of the postings were for managers or experienced staff, but at least 20% were for entry-level and director-level positions.

It makes sense that the computer and IT fields topped the list of career fields for remote jobs. However, you may be surprised at some of the others on the list (I know I was).

The top career fields for remote work to watch in 2022 are:

  • 1. Computer & IT

  • 2. Accounting & Finance

  • 3. Marketing

  • 4. Medical & Health

  • 5. Project Management

  • 6. Customer Service

  • 7. HR & Recruiting

  • 8. Sales

  • 9. Administrative

  • 10. Education & Training