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American Idol Dream Ends For Charlotte Native/Former NFL Player

Well, dang.  What do these people have in common:  Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Picker, and Scotty McCreery?  If you said all are American Idol contestants from North Carlina, you would be correct.  Add to the list Blake Proehl.  Unfortunately for Blake, his American Idol journey ends like Aiken, Daughtry and Pickler's and not McCreery's.  Blake Proehl has been eliminated from this year's American Idol competition on ABC. Back in February, we shared Blake Proehl's American Idol story with you here.  Proehl's debut on the show was memorable for sure. https://youtu.be/VM3uAAg6Qmc Equally memorable were the reactions of the judges to Blake Proehl.  Katy Perry didn't wait to give her verbal, "yes," post-performance.  She immediately raced out to Blake, got his autograph and stated, "You're not allowed to leave this show."  Luke Bryan proclaimed, "Every girl you sit down and sing that to, they're going to be melted butter-kind of like this one a minute ago (pointing to Perry).  Lionel Ritchie called him a "natural," and further stating, "you either have it or you don't." Last night, American Idol cut their contestants from 24 to 20 and Blake Proehl, suprisingly, did not make the list.  According to Heavy.com, the elimination of Blake Proehl, a former NFL player who discovered his love of songwriting and performing while recovering from a career-ending injury, was likely the most shocking cut of the night. https://twitter.com/PR927FM/status/1779827938168316247 Blake Proehl's name is not strange to Queen City football fans. His dad, Ricky Proehl, is an OG Carolina Panther fan favorite.  Blake then followed in his father's footsteps.  The Charlotte native played wide receiver at East Carolina and for three years in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings.  His father was able to play for seventeen years in the league.  A severe knee injury ended Blake Proehl's professional football career after three.  Doctors said it would be a success if Blake was ever able to run again in general.  So, it was during all that sedentary recovery time that Proehl discovered music. We all had such high hopes!  Congrats to Blake Proehl for making it this far.  And surely, there's more to come.  After all look at all the success Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler, and Chris Daughtry have had since their American Idol dream ended! [select-listicle listicle_id="421553" syndication_name="number-of-north-carolina-reality-tv-singing-competition-winners-is-second-in-the-nation" description="yes"]

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