Bad Behavior At Football Games Prompts New Rules For This North Carolina School System

Bad behavior at high school football games has prompted Union County Public Schools to impose new rules.  School board members took the action at last night's meeting following fights that forced the suspension of a Monroe High School game last week.  That game was ended and fans were forced to leave the stadium in the third quarter. Union County Public Schools board members instituted new rules that they hope will cut down on fighting and prohibited items at high school football games.  Beginning this week, only clear bags up to 4x6 inches will be allowed in the stadium.  Middle and elementary school students must now have a parent or guardian present.  Additionally, ticket sales will end at halftime. “This response is not just a response from Friday night,” a parent told WJZY-TV.  “We have had too many issues throughout the fall.” [select-listicle listicle_id="468277" syndication_name="8-north-carolina-schools-earned-the-distinction-of-national-blue-ribbon-schools" description="yes"]

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