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Full disclosure.  I hate to fly.  However, the reasons for my lack of love for commercial aviation have changed over the years.  At first, I really didn’t like the feeling at takeoff.  I know, for most, it’s the landing.  For me, just the opposite.  Once I get/got in the air, I’m fine.

Then, I discovered that the headache and hassle of flight was too much for me.  I’m old enough to remember flying pre-911.  It was EASY to get on a plane.  And it was fun to take and pick people up from the airport.  Entire generations of Americans will never know what it’s like to see a loved on off at his/her gate; or, how exciting it was to stand at the gate and watch him/her emerge from the plane.

However, my current problem with flying is how the friendly skies are now populated with idiots.  People are nuts-especially post Covid.  They act like fools and get kicked off planes.  The entire process is ALWAYS captured on other passengers’ smartphones, and you just KNOW makes everyone on edge for the entirety of the flight.  And it’s always the stupidest reasons that cause this to happen (not that there’s a good reason).  Take this idiot for instance.

Rarely does this kind of thing happen in first class.  Ironically, the self-righteous, entitled, buttheads are usually back in coach with me.  Apparently, stupidity happens in the front of the boat as well.  Now, there does appear to be some explanation required from the airline here as the problem arises from the man NOT being served a pre-flight gin & tonic. A first-class feature of American Airlines IS pre-flight beverage service.

That being said, quit acting like a fool and getting kicked off planes.  You just make people like me even more anxious.

Which Airline Offers The Best In-Flight Economy Experience?

Air travel is back and better than ever. With many Americans taking to the skies to travel Upgraded Points wanted to find out which airline offers the best in-flight experience. The number of passengers traveling will only continue to grow, and with staffing issues and canceled flights dominating headlines, a great travel experience has never been more important. Living in Charlotte I’ve tended to fly mainly American or US Air when they were separate entities. But just this year I’ve branched out looking for the best deal to reach my destination. It is interesting to compare the experience of different options. In many cases it’s a give-and-take situation, one airline may offer better boarding perhaps but another provides free wifi. It all comes down to preference and what’s important to the flier. Unless of course, you can spring for first class. I, however, cannot. Though as long as I get there on time and safely that’s all that truly matters.

So, you’re flying economy. Which airline is going to give you the best in-flight experience? Upgraded Points ranked the biggest airlines in the United States across 6 metrics then came up with a total score to rank them. The list features 11 airlines with domestic flights in the US ranked against the following categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Amenities
  • Comfort
  • COVID measures
  • Quality of food
  • Variety of drinks on offer

Here is where each airline ranked:

  • 11. Allegiant

    Entertainment: 0

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 25

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 12.5

    Drink: 18.1

    Total Rating: 15.9

  • 10. Spirit


    Entertainment: 0

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 45

    Covid Safe: 10

    Food: 57.5

    Drink: 8.5

    Total Rating: 20.2

  • 9. Frontier

    Entertainment: 0

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 40

    Covid Safe: 10

    Food: 55

    Drink: 43.4

    Total Rating: 24.7

  • 8. Southwest

    Entertainment: 38.3

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 35

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 30

    Drink: 100

    Total Rating: 40.6

  • 7. Sun Country

    Entertainment: 60

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 35

    Covid Safe: 0

    Food: 78.8

    Drink: 92.6

    Total Rating: 44.4

  • 6. Hawaiian Airlines

    Entertainment: 14.5

    Amenities: 0

    Comfort: 45

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 90

    Drink: 100

    Total Rating: 48.2

  • 5. American Airlines

    Entertainment: 52.8

    Amenities: 70

    Comfort: 40

    Covid Safe: 10

    Food: 43.8

    Drink: 74.1

    Total Rating: 48.4

  • 4. United




    Covid Safe:



    Total Rating:

  • 3. Delta

    Entertainment: 62.8

    Amenities: 80

    Comfort: 62.5

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 51.3

    Drink: 77.8

    Total Rating: 62.4

  • 2. JetBlue

    Entertainment: 45

    Amenities: 90

    Comfort: 90

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 50

    Drink: 85.2

    Total Rating: 66.7

  • 1. Alaska Airlines

    Entertainment: 60

    Amenities: 100

    Comfort: 65

    Covid Safe: 40

    Food: 41.3

    Drink: 94.5

    Total Rating: 66.8

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