Bear Takes Out Reindeer In Outdoor Christmas Display

Is it just me or does it seem like we have some serious, ongoing issues with the bear community?  Don't want us to come into your house?  Leave your doors locked and windows closed when you've been cooking food.  Don't want us in your garage fridge?  Leave the garage door down.  Don't want us in your car?  Keep your snacks out of it and the windows up!  The latest?  Don't want us to wreck your Christmas?  Keep your reindeer out of the yard. Florida man, EJ Elvin's home surveillance (Ring?) camera has indisputable proof that "Pooh," "Yogi," and their friends are not even remotely in the Christmas spirit. At around 3:42 am, Elvin's Longwood, Florida, camera captures a black bear sneaking up on some unsuspecting lit reindeer decorations. Said decorations proceed to get the business end of some not-so-holiday-cheer. Kinda makes you wonder what might have happened if some polar bear decorations had been in the yard? [select-listicle listicle_id="389504" syndication_name="6-essential-hacks-to-prevent-house-damages-and-fires-this-christmas" description="yes"]

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