Pineville Hops On The Social District Train

It's one of the things that when you hear about the concept, you think, "Yeah, of course.  Why wouldn't you do this."  For places like NoDa, downtown Monroe, and now the town of Pineville, designated the area as a social district makes all the sense in the world. WHAT IS A SOCIAL DISTRICT? First a quick primer for you.  A social district allows you to sip beer, cocktails, or wine as you make your way through a defined area.  In this case, it's a defined area of downtown Pineville.  These have become more and more popular since the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation allowing municipalities to designate an area in which a person may consume alcoholic beverages sold by a licensed ABC permittee and taken outdoors.  Social districts do nothing but help ALL the businesses in the area as people don't feel restricted.  Having lived near downtown Monroe for a long time, it TOTALLY changed the business paradigm there when this was enacted. IS PINEVILLE'S SOCIAL DISTRICT A 24/7 THING? No, and usually no social district is.  Pineville's social district has defined hours of operation.  Monday through Saturday, noon to 10pm.  Sunday, the policy is in effect from 1pm-10pm. ARE ALL BUSINESSES PARTICIPATING IN PINEVILLE'S SOCIAL DISTRICT POLICY No, nor are they required to.  Look for window clings outside each business that will define their participation in the social district.  A blue sticker will indicate beverages are sold there and beverages sold outside that business are also welcome.  A green sticker means the business does not sell, but you can have your alcoholic beverages in there.  And a red sticker means, basically, thanks for visiting my business, but your drink cannot. ;) BASIC TENETS OF PINEVILLE'S SOCIAL DISTRICT According to the town of Pineville's website, here are the "rules for the road:" -Patrons must be 21 years of age or older and follow state and federal drinking laws. -Be purchased from a permittee located in the social district to be consumed in the social district. -Alcoholic beverages must only be served in designated social district cups with business name, date, and time. -Alcoholic beverages must be disposed of before exiting the social district unless entering a business within the social d istrict that allows alcoholic beverages to be brought inside the business. -A single patron cannot be sold more than 2 alcoholic beverages at one time. -Civil Penalty: Any patron or business who violates the social district town ordinance may be fined by a civil penalty of $100.00. -Any ABC permittee, non-permittee or person who violates may be subject to its Social District Permit being revoked, suspended, or permanently banned from participating in the Pineville Social District. -Participation in the social district by a special event is at the discretion of the special event permit holder. -Pineville Police Department officials will patrol the downtown area including the Social District pursuant to its normal operations. -Pineville Police Dept Telephone # Emergency 911 Non-Emergency 704-889-2231 -Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Telephone # 1-877-ALE-AGENT -Pineville Public Works Department will provide sanitation services within the district, including trash removal and litter pick up. Businesses are still responsible for maintaining sanitation on their property. [select-listicle listicle_id="327500" syndication_name="the-ultimate-list-of-charlotte-north-carolina-rooftop-bars-restaurants" description="yes"]

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