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Catherine Lane

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stripped bass

People are telling me all the time, Catherine Lane you remind me so much of Carrie Underwood!  You could be her twin, I can’t distinguish your singing voice from hers and you both are great catchers of bass.  I can’t use the emoji here but if I could there would be a huge winky face.  Of course.

I love a girl who loves to fish, you are my tribe!  Now when I show off my fishing pictures you can be sure  I won’t be pictured in a bikini but if you are Carrie, then why not.  She looks great!

And she caught fish of all shapes and sizes. I am impressed.  Bass are caught with touch, feel and things happen quickly.  You cast and fish with top lures.  You have to have precision in your casting and know where the bass might be.  When they take the bait, you have to set the hook just right and enjoy the reel in.  Here are a few pics Carrie shared from her recent trip to the pond.