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In the past, the Eastern Elk roamed across the eastern United States, including parts of North Carolina. After the arrival of European settlers, however, unregulated hunting and loss of habitat led to rapid population declines through the 1700s. By the year 1800, the Eastern Elk was extirpated from North Carolina and by the mid-1800s, Eastern Elk had almost disappeared throughout their range entirely. The last known wild Eastern Elk was killed in Pennsylvania in 1877.

I need to brush up on my wildlife.  I had no idea there were this many elk in North Carolina.  If you were in Cherokee recently you may have witnessed a massive elk crossing on highway 441.

Imagine you are up there on a little vacation, maybe take in the latest attractions or just enjoy all the beauty in western North Carolina and you come across this.  Pretty cool.

Lucky for us someone in their car captured the moment and you can see it right here:

Traffic Jam: Herds of majestic elk make their way across highway in Cherokee, N.C. – YouTube

If you want to learn more about where you can find this majestic creature in North Carolina just check it out with Visit NC