Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Captain Jim sent me a text  and it just said, “the queen has covid”.  Honestly my first thought was he was telling me that his wife Ann was sick.  She is after all, his queen.  But nope he meant the actual queen of England.  My boys on the morning show tease me about how much I love following the royal family.  I figured this was coming after her son Prince Charles and his wife tested positive the week they were visiting her at the palace.

So here we are a day out from that announcement, how is the 95-year-old monarch doing today.  The official response is she has “mild symptoms”, and she is performing light duties while staying quarantined at Windsor Castle.  They say she has been vaccinated and boosted.  Still, we are talking about a 95-year-old woman here.  I had “mild cold like symptoms” too when I had it, but it still kicked my fanny for a few weeks.  Her majesty is just recovering from a back sprain as well.

I guess I am going to have to face the cold hard reality that this Queen really is just flesh and blood after all, nothing magical, just a person that happened to get pretty lucky (according to some at least) when it came to the family she was born into. To learn more about this story check out the details right here

The Queen canceled virtual engagement for the foreseeable future as she recovers.

The Queen has a great sense of humor and loves to tease American Presidents.  Here is a clip of some of her finest moments.

Her Royal Ha-ha-highness: Queen Elizabeth’s Funniest Moments! |⭐ OSSA – YouTube