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Abigail E. Disney has been critical of the company that bears her name before. She is the granddaughter of co-founder Roy O. Disney. She is very critical of the company and has put her views on film.

In the new documentary “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales,” Disney argues that the Walt Disney Co. has lost its moral compass. She says Disney does not take care of it’s employees. Particularly in regard to pay inequity and the struggles of some theme park employees to sustain their families on minimum-wage salaries.

She said, “They have gone the way of most every other company in this country. They started with a bigger idea of themselves than that. The Walt Disney Co. was better. It was kinder, it was gentler. It was a human company.”

“The American Dream,” is playing in select theaters and debuts Friday on video-on-demand. It is directed by Disney and filmmaker Kathleen Hughes. It was made on the heels of a series of tweets from Disney in 2019 in which she slammed Bob Iger. He was the Disney chief executive. His compensation in 2018 surpassed $65 million.

Twitter Reacts To Massive Fight At Disney World

It wasn’t the most magical place on earth for two families. The Happiest Place on Earth took a turn for the worst. This is after two families got into a fight at the Disney World Magic Kingdom.  Things spiraled when a woman was with her family at Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater when she jumped out of line to get her phone she left on a wheelchair. When she tried to get back to her family, things got violent when another family blocked her from getting back to hers.  Witnesses say about 20 people were involved in the melee.  Once things calmed down, reports are a man was transported to a hospital with a large cut on his chin.

Look I get it. I always enjoy Disney World. But Florida is miserably hot in the summer. Being in a crowded place, with long lines, stress from trying to get everything done, and kids everywhere would make anyone a little on edge. Especially thinking about the money you’re paying to be there. For that price, everyone should have a perfect experience. But that stress should never amount to a situation like this. I don’t care what was said or who cut in line acting like this as a grown adult is embarrassing and absolutely unacceptable. There are countless children there who are better behaved.

In addition to the physical fighting, profanities were exchanged all while hundreds of guests looked on probably traumatized by the experience. And now three of the individuals involved are facing charges of battery. And while I haven’t seen it stated, I’m sure they are all banned from Disney property for life. Was it worth it? I can’t imagine it was. And neither can most people on Twitter. Below are some of their reactions to the chaotic scene of the massive fight at Disney World.

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