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South Carolina Is Home To The Number 1 Small City In America

We love to share when places in the Carolinas are nationally recognized. Being even mentioned in lists is great. But when a North or South Carolina can top a positive list, it's always a good day. And that's what happened in the recent CondeNaste Traveler Awards. They created a list of the best small cities in the US. South Carolina is the home of the number 1 small city in America. It's a city we know and love! Charleston South Carolina Coming in at number one on this list was Charleston, SC. This mecca of southern hospitality, culture, and cuisine is beloved by travelers from near and far. The city is full of rich history, incredible southern charm, and restaurants any foodie dreams about. The Holy City as it is known is characterized by lots of churches, stately Charleston homes including the famed Rainbow Row, cobblestone streets, and spectacular waterfront views. We often see Charleston recognized on a variety of lists including best places to travel, to live, best restaurants and bars, and even recently the best thing to do. It's a place I love to visit from browsing in the market or shopping on King Street to walking around and enjoying the home and architecture of the city. I couldn't possibly try every restaurant I want to and I dream of bar hopping and the numerous rooftop and patio bars. Cocktails just taste better with a view do they not? I love to visit and some of my favorite influencers call Charleston home. Maybe this is a sign? Also mentioned on this list at number four was Greenville, SC. Another city that is getting lots of positive recognition these days and one I certainly need to plan a visit back to. From the gorgeous downtown Falls Park, to the trendy bars and restaurants Greenville is thriving. CondeNaste describes Greenville as a "food lover’s town" specializing in the farm-to-table scene. The other cities on this list are: Charleston, SC Santa Fe, NM Alexandria, VA Greenville, SC Savannah, GA Aspen, CO St. Augustine, FL Pensacola, FL Annapolis, MD Sedona, AZ I've been lucky enough to visit half of these cities and if the ones I haven't visited are half as good as the one I have then they are in good company. You can read more about each of these cities and what makes them great via CondeNaste Traveler. [select-listicle listicle_id="456172" syndication_name="south-carolina-named-in-the-top-3-most-charming-states" description="yes"]

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