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North Carolina Couple Picks Playoff Hockey Over Prom

I realize it's been a minute since I was a high school teenager attending proms, but kids CAN'T have change this much, right?  I mean there was no world I lived in or could imagine in which a high school couple would agree to picking Carolina Hurricanes playoff hockey over prom.  However, that's exactly what Corban Doyle and Abigail Schalla chose to do. Now, a little background is in order.  Doyle is a North Raleigh Christian Academy senior.  Schalla is a college freshman.  SO, a big obstacle is already overcome.  SHE'S ALREADY BEEN TO PROM.  I can imagine a sports-crazy teenage boy thinking, "You know, I'd much rather spend this money on playoff hockey over prom."  There IS NO WAY a teenage girl, no matter how much she loves sports, has this same notion.  A little more background?  Corban and Abigail have been dating for two and a half years.  Chances are, at least one prom has already been put in their rear-view mirror.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Okay, so this past Saturday night, the Carolina Hurricanes played host to the New York Islanders.  There Doyle and Schalla were-not just picking hockey over prom but dressed in their formal wear and rocking a sign that read "Playoffs Are Better Than Prom." I'm not saying these two kids aren't huge fans, they are.  They've attended many Hurricanes' games over the years.  However, one wild card in this decision to pick playoff hockey over prom that I haven't considered teenagers obsession with social media and the idea of going viral.  Yup, there Corban and Abigail were, making their way down to the ice during pregame warmups for pictures.  And you just know they knew everyone else would be taking their picture and posting to social media too. Corban tells ABC 11, "We went down there for warm-ups, just hoping to get a couple of pictures, and, then when we stayed down there for warm-ups. That's when the cameras put us on the jumbotron and stuff. And, then that's when Jack Drury also gave us a puck which was awesome."  Now you don't think this story of picking hockey over prom ends without a plot twist, do you? After the pictures, after getting a standing ovation from the crowd while making their way back to their seats, Corban Doyle and Abigail Schalla LEFT the game with one minute left.  Why?  Well, to make it to Doyle's prom after all.  They couple may have chosen playoff hockey over prom, but not for the whole night. [select-listicle listicle_id="343624" syndication_name="raleigh-north-carolina-makes-top-20-hockey-cities-list" description="yes"]

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