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I was thinking about it today, where would be the BEST place to grab a burger.  You know, a big old juicy burger with Mayo on it, a slice of Cheese, some Ketchup, a ton of grease, lettuce, tomato, and a nice slab of onion.  Mouth watering yet?Well it should be! After all today is National Cheeseburger Day which should be declared a national holiday.  I’m talking about letting the kids out of school and everything.  But on a day like today, where would you find BIG? Well good question! Here’s my Top 5!

5. Chubz Famous Chili- Located off Woodlawn Road, this place is known for it’s Chili on EVERYTHING approach.  Including their burgers.  And man, it’s so good you’ll try and fit two in ya, but probably won’t.  So go with some Chili Cheese Fries to compliment that burger!

4. Cowfish Burger & Sushi Bar- What’s better then Burgers and Sushi in one?  I’ll wait.  Nothing!  Its so good, you’ll come back for more.  My favorite is The Texas Longhorn! Try it out.

3.  Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar- Oh man, Bad Daddys! Where to start?! Every burger on the menu is delish!  So are the chicken sandwiches!  No matter what you get, you can’t go wrong!

2. Pinkys- All I gotta say is WHITE TRASH BURGER!  Fried Pickles and Fried Onion Strings on a burger? Yes. It is amazing.  And yes, I want to make it a double!

1. Whataburger- If you find yourself in Concord, Kannapolis, or Mooresville, then stop by the What-a-Burger because you will find yourself a dam good burger!  They have me a slice of onion on that bad boy!  Oh it’s so good and right now, I’m goin to get me one!

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!