Sometimes we all need a good cry. From the death of Dobby to the final scene of Friends, we’ve witnessed some real tear-jerkers over the years. But which on-screen moment is guaranteed to make you bawl and break your poker face?

Free poker site, Replay Poker ran a poll to unveil how the country reacts to emotional scenes in film and TV and which on-screen moments they found the saddest. Tissues at the ready because the top ten list below will have your balling. According to the findings, the top ten saddest on-screen moments of all time are as follows:

  1. Mufasa’s death in ‘Lion King’ (25%)
  2. Marley’s death in ‘Marley and Me’ (21%)
  3. Bambi’s mom in ‘Bambi’ (20%)
  4. Tony Stark in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (19%)
  5. Old couple cuddling in bed before the ship sinks in ‘Titanic’ (19%)
  6. Will being stood up by his biological father in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'(16%)
  7. Dobby’s death in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1’ (13%)
  8. When the toys are in the incarcerator in ‘Toy Story 3’ (13%)
  9. The final scene, leaving the keys on the table in ‘Friends’ (12%)
  10. Ellie’s death in ‘UP’ (11%)

Commenting on the research, Thibault Richard-Folian, General Manager at Replay Poker says: “Showing emotion is something you don’t want to do when playing poker and you need to make sure your poker face is strong so nobody can read you – but a good cry can be therapeutic. “With the current global situation, we know that people are spending more time at home and watching more TV and film than ever before.

We conducted this survey as a fun and interesting way of understanding the psychological link between entertainment and emotions, and how the emotional elements of film and TV can really affect viewers. This, in turn, provides insight into how different situations can affect our players, helping us find new ways to offer the best user experience to them from an emotional standpoint.” To find out more about the saddest on-screen moments click here.

GALLERY: TOP 10 On-Screen Moments That Made Us Cry


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