If you’re anything like me you probably spent money Saturday night. But something tells me you probably didn’t get the same return on your investment as Penny Edwards. She spent her Saturday night playing the lottery paid and it paid off.  The Union County woman won $1 Million in the lottery.

She and her husband like to purchase tickets together. She scratches off the odd-numbered tickets and he takes the even ones. This scratch-off was purchased at the Xpress Mart on 74 in Wingate. The couple purchased two $30 Millionaire Matchmaker tickets and the ticket, number 15, that Penny scratched ended up being a winner!

She claimed her prize in Raleigh and told lottery officials “We had 14 and 15 so I scratched the 15 and it was boom. My eyes teared up. I must have been holding my breath because my husband said, ‘Breathe, Penny, breathe!’”

She chose to take the lump sum of $600,000 which ended up being $424,509 after required federal and state tax withholdings. She says she will use the money to pay off bills and save for retirement.

Millionaire Maker game offers 30 $1 million prizes and Edwards is the 18th person to win one of those $1 million prizes. That means 12 winning tickets are still out there. Could you be the next winner to take home $1 million in the lottery?

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Source Fox 46