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Disneyfoodblog says McDonald’s is bringing back a big fan favorite.  The chain announced this week that the Shamrock Shake and OREO Shamrock McFlurry are returning to stores nationwide. Both treats will return starting on February 20th.

The Shamrock Shake was first introduced in 1970 and is made with vanilla soft serve and Shamrock Shake syrup topped with whipped cream. The OREO Shamrock McFlurry was not created until 2020 and is essentially the Shamrock Shake blended with crushed OREO cookies.

Fast Food Dessert News: Popeyes, Sonic, 7-Eleven, and More!


Fast food lovers rejoice! Lots of new fast food dessert options are coming! Plus the return of a special edition burger.  This round-up includes treats from Popeyes, Sonic, 7-Eleven, and Baskin Robbins. We are talking flavors such as banana cream, pumpkin spice, strawberry, and dill pickle??? Yeah not sure how I feel about that last one either. But if you’re a pickle fan it’s worth a try! This fast food dessert news isn’t great for the vacation diet I’m attempting, but hey I deserve a few treat meals. Which will you try first?







  • Popeyes Debuts Banana Cream Cake

    Popeyes is adding an all-new single-serve dessert to its menu. The chain has announced the introduction of the new banana cream cake.  The treat features a moist vanilla cake, topped with whipped banana cream and wafer crumbs. Popeyes is also welcoming back their fan-favorite chocolate beignets. The beignets are classic New Orleans-style pastry filled with Hershey’s chocolate and covered in powdered sugar. You can find the new desserts nationwide for a limited time starting today.

  • It's Pumpkin Spice Season At 7-Eleven

    Pumpkin Spice Season is here at 7-Eleven. The chain has brought back its Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Spice Coffee. It can be found now at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide for a limited time. Members of the 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyalty programs can also grab three sausage, egg and cheese breakfast empanadas and any size coffee for just three bucks.

  • Baskin Robbins Intros Toaster Treat Ice Cream

    Baskin-Robbins has a new flavor. Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat ice cream is the Flavor of the Month for August.  It features toaster pastry-flavored ice cream loaded with pastry pieces, strawberry jam swirls, and rainbow icing flecks. You can find Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat ice cream at participating locations nationwide for a limited time. Baskin-Robbins will also be offering 31 percent off all regular-priced scoops on Wednesday, August 31 as part of their Celebrate 31 promotion.

  • Pickle Juice Slush, Dill Cheeseburger Back at Sonic

    Sonic is bringing back a favorite, and it’s kind of a big “dill.”  The restaurant chain announced that it was bringing back the pickle juice slush and the Big Dill Cheeseburger. Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush made its debut in 2018 with the cheeseburger, and fries coming later. If you’re a fan of pickle juice, know that you can actually add it to any other drink you order.  Just make sure to hurry and get to Sonic, the “dill” is the items are leaving the menu after August 28.