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Now they have my attention.  Field and Stream magazine has proclaimed the five best towns for bass fishing in the United States.  One of these spots is not that far from us.

Lucky for me I live about 300 yards from a pretty good little farm pond.  Every now and then if I use my beetle jig, I might pull up about a five pound bass.  Bass fishing has got to be one of the most thrilling sports that I have participated in.  I can understand how people get hooked.  See what I did there.  You cast your line in a shady spot near a pier, or near the bank and it doesn’t take a second for one to strike.  Then you are in for a fun fight.  In our farm pond we catch and release.

But just where are the five best towns for bass fishing in the United States?  One that is relatively close to us is in Dayton, Tennessee.  There is a lake there that is known as the “land of giants”.  Bass fishing there is good, really good.

Along with Dayton, you can find some really good bass fishing in Okeechobee, Florida according to Field and Stream.  Guntersville, Alabama is also known for great fishing as well as Clayton, New York.

To learn more about the five best towns for bass fishing in the United States, get all the details right here from MSN.

Here Are My 3 Favorite Fishing Guides On Lake Wylie

Here is a little background on my experience fishing.  My dad took me pond fishing for the first time just about the same time I was able to hold a cane pole.  To say I was “hooked” right away is an understatement.  The funny thing is, my Dad didn’t really like fishing but when he saw how much I loved it he took me time and time again. As a grown up, I started looking into fishing guides.  Here are my 3 favorite fishing guides on Lake Wylie.

I grew up with a dad that fostered my love of fishing and he took me as long as I did these things. Girl,he said, “you need to tie your own knots, bait your own hook, take off your own fish, know how to clean it and learn how to cook it.” And I did.

After I got to college at Western Carolina University I found a great river to go trout fishing in and I quickly moved right across the street from that river.  Now here is the funny thing.  I married a guy that does not like to fish. How did that happen? Long story short, I started to look into fishing guides on Lake Wylie.  There are many of them and many good ones.  Admittedly I have not tried them all but I have found three that I would highly recommend. I have fished with these three guides multiple times and I have always had a blast.  And most importantly they put me on some fish. If you are looking to catch catfish on Lake Wylie, you will not go wrong with these amazing captains.

  • Whitesides Whiskers Captain Justin Whitesides

    Justin has taken me and my morning show partner Tanner out fishing several times.  This man is passionate about catching catfish.  He knows where to find them!  We have always had a blast with Justin and he is a heck of a nice guy.  He loves teaching kids how to fish.  Make it a girls day on the lake or bring the family. He offers different levels of guide service and may even clean what you catch!  Check out Justin’s Facebook page right here.

    Whiteside's Whiskers

  • Catfish On! Captain Rodger Taylor

    I have been fishing with Rodger more times than I can count.  We primarily fished on Lake Wylie but caught some big ones on Lake Wateree as well.  Rodger is another guy that knows where to find catfish and how to catch them.  My brother in law Jim and I really enjoyed fishing with Catfish On! Guide Service.


  • Wylie Guide Captain Trent Thomasson

    Captain Trent is an old college friend of mine.  He and I used to fish for trout on the Tuckaseegee River in Cullowhee, North Carolina so he is a personal friend.  Trent has always been passionate about fishing , lives on Lake Wylie and thought he would share his secret fishing spots with others.  He has a new guide service he calls Wylie Guide and my brother in law and I  went fishing with him in December.  It did not take long for him to find some nice ones for us and we had a blast.  He is a great guy, a knowledgeable angler and he will flat put you on some fish.  I can personally highly recommend Cpt. Trent for a great day catching catfish on Lake Wylie. Check out details right here