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As cool as this is…as much as I love it for content to share with you…I remain consistent in this request:  DON’T GO BIG ON THE WEDDING PROPOSAL.

My reasoning remains simple:  the bigger you go, the more that can go wrong-you bring into play.  And THIS guy brought WAYYYY too much possibility of tragedy.

So, professional daredevil, Rahim Hajir, said, “I know, I’ll ask Kaitlyn Roule to marry me as we’re plummeting toward Earth-16,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.”

Check out how he pulls the ring out of his mouth (she didn’t see this), and then goes for the tandem-jump proposal.  Of course she said yes, but what if he swallowed the ring?  What if he dropped it?  What if, in her excitement, she knocked it out of his hand?

See, then this goes from being “cool” in a romantic way to being “cool” in an epic fail kind-of-way.  Still though, you’ve gotta give the dude credit for pulling it all off.

Daredevil Proposes To Girlfriend Whilst Skydiving

ID: 3424722ON SCREEN CREDIT - Wingman Skydive A skydiver has proposed to his girlfriend while they were descending towards the ground from 13,000ft - and was...