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We don't like to play favorites, but this guy, Jake Owen is at the top of our list

I cannot speak to this with any firsthand experience, only what I’ve witnessed from the outside looking in.  There is something about daughters that soften their fathers’ hearts and personalities.  I think about all the times I’ve had friends who showed up to places “with the guys” sporting painted fingernails or braided locks of hair.  On more than one occasion I’ve asked about a stain on a shirt only to be told it was a souvenir from a “tea” party with a daughter.  Bottom line, these girls have a way of bringing out a side of their fathers that no one knew could exist.  Which brings me to this from Jake Owen, girl dad twice-over.  His youngest, Paris, apparently has a love of dinosaurs.  The video posted this weekend on Jake’s Instagram is fabulous.  Jake is wearing one of those enormous, blow-up, costumes serenading his little girl (also in dino-attire).  All the while, she’s nonstop on a tricycle.

Jake Owen on Instagram: "🦖"

Jake Owen shared a post on Instagram: "🦖". Follow their account to see 346 posts.

The Jake Owen I first met some 17 years ago?  There’s no way I could ever imagine this.  God bless all the little girls out there who are responsible for making their fathers better men.