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Okay, at the risk of once again sounding like that retired old man, sitting on his front porch in socks with Birkenstocks yelling at kids to get off his lawn, I’ve got something that continues to bother me.  Actually, it’s a couple of things.  First, can we please-PLEASE-have a personal moment that does not need and therefore is not captured on video and posted to social media.  And two, remember that your desire for personal gratification on TikTok or Instagram does not supersede the rights or well-being of others.

Reason for this rant?  Allegedly, a couple in Brazil added a large amount of blue dye into a river (the Queima Pé river) for their gender reveal party.  The stunt intended (and accomplished) turning a waterfall blue.  No harm, right?  Wrong.  After the video was posted, the peeps were more than miffed.  Now, environmental authorities are investigating as a case of environmental damage.  See, the river is THE source of water for a down downstream.  And the town is in a drought-stricken area.  Oops.