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Maren Morris is currently touring the country on her headlining “Humble Quest” tour, and life is busy for the 2022 CMA Album of the Year nominee and mother of toddler Hayes.

Maren recently told us how she keeps her busy life together, and how she coordinates schedules with husband Ryan Hurd. “It’s definitely a labor of love. I think it takes a lot of planning and forethought, especially when you’re touring for a living, and you’re constantly away from each other.”

She adds, “You have to get creative with your schedule. And luckily, we work with a lot of the same people that help our calendars coalesce. And we have good like date nights planned, and we’re gonna go on vacation, which I’m really excited about, just to kind of like get away and just be with each other. But yeah, it takes a village for sure to help us go, but we’re really lucky that we have those people in our life and that we love each other so much that we want to make our dreams and our relationship substantial. ”

Morris plays the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles tomorrow night (10/13). She is offering a special signed poster commemorating the show. She posted a photo of the poster on Instagram, writing, “Limited edition signed posters for next week’s Hollywood Bowl show only available at the merch stand the night of. Oh, did I mention there will be special guests?”

Fans were thrilled with the news, and one commented, “Omg, I WISH we were there!!! Nothing better!!!” Another fan wrote, “These are so cool!! You should make one for the Red Rocks show too!!! PLEASE?!??!!” One more fan wrote, “I want this on a shirt – PLEASE!! Or stickers.”

Maren posted some images of herself in Los Angeles wearing a fall-colored jumpsuit last night (10/11); she captioned the pictures, “[pumpkin] SPICE GIRL.”

Meanwhile, Morris is offering VIP guest tickets to her final tour date in Nashville on December 2. On Insta stories, she wrote, “Want to be my guest at my final Humble Quest tour stop in Nashville, including roundtrip travel? Donate to win and help @GLAAD and rewrite the script for LGBTQ acceptance.”

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