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There’s a record for slapping watermelons?  I know, that was my question too.  It really shouldn’t be, though.  Countless times in this space I’ve documented the weirdest and craziest records set.  I love this kind of stuff.  And after watching the video below, I’m all in on this guy.

Roberto Rodriguez is described as a “Spanish Athlete.”  You think?  Look at this dude.  He looks like a jacked-up NFL player who has a specialized workout abusing fruit.  And what he’s doing is pretty stunning.  Look, it’s not like watermelons are made of concrete or anything, but you’re still having to use a sharp knife to cut into one.  This dude is decimating them with an open hand!  I think what makes this super impressive is the stamina.  I could see being able to do this once or twice.  Maybe even three times.  Rodriguez rolls up and down the line of people, slapping the melons to pieces (and spraying himself with watermelon debris in the process).  Thirty-nine times he pulls it off in sixty seconds.  Wow.   This world record on the set of the Italy-based TV special Lo Show Dei Re.  You know, another observation here.  Sometimes you see a world record set and you get inspired.  Sometimes you see a world record set and you say, “I could do that!”  No one not named Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is looking at this and saying that.