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The South Carolina Highway Patrol has unveiled new Ford Mustang patrol cars.

In a Youtube video posted over the weekend by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, viewers are warned that “the Mustangs are coming.”  ABC 4’s Trooper Bob posted a still from the video on his Twitter page:

There’s no denying the new cars are sharp.  One Twitter commenter said he “couldn’t wait to get pulled over by one.”

Seeing the new version got me going down a rabbit hole of old South Carolina Highway Patrol Mustangs.  Remember the ones from the 80s and 90s?

Chris Allen and I are both Palmetto State natives, and we can verify that the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s “fox body” Mustangs were the most feared vehicles on the road back in the day.  Russ Hatcher has a beautiful example of one in this Pinterest pin:

They were even more fearsome when they were unmarked.  We found this one from 1988 on the SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame page on Facebook:

SCHP unmarked mustang

This South Carolina Beach Is One Of The "Greatest Beach Towns In America"

If you grew up in the Carolinas chances are you have a favorite beach town you grew up going to. Or one you take your family to now. We have no shortage of fantastic seaside escapes. Even growing up in North Carolina I have to admit I’m typically a South Carolina beach person. While I tend to go to the general vicinity of the Myrtle Beach area (thanks to friends who have houses and free is for me).  I’ve already read quite a lot of these types of articles and now have several other SC beaches on my must-visit list. Just need to find the time to get to them! Recently I came across yet another publication naming some of the best beach vacation spots. And my interest peaked like always. And of course, somewhere in South Carolina was included when Thrillist created a list of “The 20 Greatest Beach Towns In America”. But with so many fantastic destinations, which made the cut to be recognized?

The list compiled by writers at Thrillist details 20 of the nation’s beach towns in a variety of states. In addition to a general summary of the destination, they also make sure to let you know the must-eat spots and what you can’t leave without. You can read their full article here. Or keep reading to see which South Carolina town was named one of the 20 Greatest Beach Towns In America! And a couple of others that stuck out to me as personal favorites of mine or bucket list destinations!

  • Folly Beach, SC

    There are two main areas of South Carolina beaches you’re either in the Myrtle Beach vicinity or near Charleston. Both are wonderful options and have different vibes. Thrillist chose to recognize Folly Beach which is one of the closest beaches to Charleston, SC. Folly is also no stranger to being recognized as a best beach. While you’re there you can easily venture into Charleston for the day or a meal but there is plenty to do there as well. From surf lessons, charter fishing, a water park, parks, and who could forget the beach? Choose from 6 quaint beach inns, or go with a rental property for your accommodations.  You won’t have any trouble finding a place to eat either. The hardest part? Deciding which delicious restaurant to go to!

    Want to visit Folly Beach? Here’s all the info you need for your trip.

  • Nags Head, NC

    This is far from the first time we’ve seen the Outer Banks town of Nags Head mentioned on this type of list. Nags Head is situated in the northern Outer Banks between Jockey Ridge State Park to the north and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore to the south. Everything you want and need in a quaint beach town? You can find in Nags Head. Stay in a beach house, seaside motel, or a beachfront hotel. When you aren’t on the beach take a moment to shop at boutiques, surf shops, an outlet mall, or pick up some groceries. Cooking on vacation not your thing? It’s not mine! Nags Head features a wide variety of restaurants no matter what you’re looking for. Relax with some fine dining or grab a casual bite. Just don’t let any beach trip end without getting some seafood.

    Get all the info you could want on Nags Head and planning a trip here.

  • Tybee Island, GA

    Another beach town recognized by Thrillist is Tybee Island, GA. I’ve only had the opportunity to visit Tybee once for a quick day trip but I will be back. Tybee is a short drive from one of my favorite cities Savannah, GA. In fact, it’s branded as Savannah’s Beach. This quant barrier island is home to Georgia’s oldest lighthouse. Between Savannah and Tybee you’ll find Fort Pulaski National Monument which is located on Cockspur Island. Other fun activities include a bike tour, birding, kayaking, and the beach. 

    Get info about Tybee Island here.

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

    Yes, this and the next beach town I’m shouting out are not a reasonable drive from the Carolinas. But I felt them worthy of being named as some of my favorites. Carmel-by-the-Sea in California is an easy drive from San Francisco and is home to some incredible scenery, historic sites, art galleries, restaurants, and boutique shops.

    Find more info here.

  • Narragansett, Rhode Island

    I’m going to preface this with I haven’t actually been to Narragansett but after a visit to Newport, I have a massive appreciation for Rhode Island beaches. While it’s understandable that America’s smallest state may not be on your short list of places to visit- it should be. Rhode Island beaches have everything you think of when you of New England beach towns. So whether it’s Narragansett, Newport, Watch Hill, or any other town- do yourself a favor and visit!

    Get info here.