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A few years ago, I discovered how much I enjoyed a Turkey that had been “brined” before cooking.

Brrining is treating food with a liquid  or coarse salt which preserves and seasons the food while enhancing tenderness and flavor.  It is a great way to ensure a JUICY bird.

Anyway, I always do this the night before our bird meets the hot oil fryer.  My brine consists of a mixture of herbs and spices, vinegar and water.

However, this totally Southern one created by the Reynolds Kitchen folks, is EPIC.  And is a unique way to carmelize the skin.  Here’s what you do:

Tonight, mix equal parts Mountain Dew and water in a bucket. For every liter of mixture, add 1/4 cup kosher salt and put the turkey in the mixture overnight.

Tomorrow, make sure to pat the turkey dry, stuff it as you like, season it as you like, place it in an oven bag (or drop it in the oil, like us), cook it, and enjoy!

Voila, Mountain Dew Turkey!

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