CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 30: French fries wait to be ordered at a fast-food restaurant September 30, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. Scientists have made progress in understanding the chemical reaction that may cause fries, potato chips and other fried or starchy foods to build up high levels of acrylamide, a suspected carcinogen found in a host of everyday foods. The culprit is believed to be asparagines, a naturally occurring amino acid that can lead to the formation of the potential carcinogen when subjected to high temperatures. Swedish scientists in the spring announced that high levels of acrylamide can be found in many high-carbohydrate foods that are fried or baked at high temperature. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made assessing acrylamide?s risk and determining how to lower its levels in food a priority.

If it’s one thing I enjoy, it’s fried food! In my opinion, you can pretty much fry any and everything. From the typical things like chicken, seafood, and potatoes to outrageous things like cookies, burgers, and veggies. A nice crunch and crispiness make just about anything taste better, right? Well, North Carolina and South Carolina are no strangers to great quality fried foods. We have some fantastic restaurant options, but also the fried fair food favorites. When we head to the fair every year, fried food is one of our favorite go-to items to check out. Seriously, how many things can they fry?

Shane Co. went on to find the most popular fried foods in every state. They analyzed the search volume of 70 state fair-style fried foods over the last year to determine each state’s favorite. Using their information, they were able to find that the search included both savory and sweet fried food treats. Some of the top foods include corndogs, french fries, fried pickles, fried chicken, fried catfish, and onion rings. But, none of these are what took home the prize for North Carolina. North Carolina’s most popular fried food is hushpuppies. South Carolina’s favorite is deep-fried pimento cheese balls. Boy oh boy does that sound good! But those are just the savory ones, how about sweet ones?

The Carolinas are certainly known for some fried food favorites. We fry just about everything and that includes desserts. So, what are our top sweet favorites? Now, for this side of things the Carolinas share a favorite. North and South Carolina’s favorite sweet fried food is deep-fried Oreos. If you have never had a deep-fried Oreo then trust me when I say you are missing out for sure! Whether or not you want to wait until the fair or simply just try a recipe at home, deep fried Oreos are a MUST! Check out the full list to see what other treats made the top of other states.

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