Have you seen the recent prices for some of these items? Inflation is truly getting out of hand for some of us for sure. Some people have gotten to the point where they are even relocating due to the prices of the things around them. It’s crazy because some states are truly just beyond expensive for certain people. But, where are they going?

Money Talks News is discussing where people are relocating to. Many people would like to flock to cheaper areas where they can live a lot more comfortably. United Van Lines identified people who claimed a lower cost of living as their reasoning for relocation. But, there are specific states that people are flocking to, so we’re wondering where that is. One Carolina state made that list and we’re kinda surprised, but understanding at the same time. South Carolina is the No. 8 state that people are relocating to due to inflation. A little over 14% of people relocated to South Carolina due to better living costs. The average cost of rent in South Carolina is several percent lower than the national average. South Carolina also has the 6th lowest property tax rate of all U.S. states. Sounds like South Carolina residents certainly get to save a lot more money compared to several other states in the country.

If you currently live in South Carolina, then cheers! Are you contemplating moving or do you enjoy living in the Carolinas already? Check out the full article here and see what other states people are flocking to for a lower cost of living.