I went to college in Raleigh, and while our idea of “fancy meals” was the Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree Valley Mall there was a different spot if your parents came to town. The real fancy spot was always The Angus Barn. While I personally never got to dine there, I know plenty of people who have. And it’s always a place recommended to out-of-towners. In fact, if I remember correctly Peyton Manning even dined there in recent years. So when it was named the best locally owned restaurant in North Carolina by Southern Living Magazine, well I wasn’t surprised! The steakhouse is located in a red barn reflecting its name. In addition to world-class steaks, the menu also includes seafood, southern vegetables, and desserts. For wine lovers, you’ll also want to check out the wine cellar.

Angus Barn is right near the border of Durham and Raleigh and both cities like to make a claim to the spot though the address is technically Raleigh. According to their website, Angus Barn serves over 20,000 steaks a month. They offer 9 different cuts with the option to customize your meal with one of six sauces or optional toppings. Seafood options include lobster tail, salmon, yellowfin tuna, and shrimp. Combination dinners are offered as well as other entrees like ribs, ravioli, and chicken. View the full menu here.

Is Angus Barn the best locally owned restaurant in North Carolina? I’ll let you make your own decision, but I’d feel confident saying one of the best. I know where I’m going the next time I plan a weekend in Raleigh!