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The drinksbusinees.com says an Australian brewery is making customers be at least 35 to drink one of its beers.  Lord Nelson Brewery says only people 35 or over can order its Three Sheets Pale Ale.

The brewery says it is a “protective measure” against a fad of drinking beer from a shoe.

Lord Nelson’s managing director explained, “If you weren’t born when our original beer was, it’s not for you. This is not a stance we wanted to take, but unfortunately, with every damn musician in Australia being forced to do this whole shoey thing, we didn’t have a choice.”

I guess older folks won’t drink from a shoe?

The Best Irish Pub In North Carolina and Nearby States

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is coming up, and this is the perfect time to celebrate your Irish roots – and the best Irish pub in North Carolina (or just honor Ireland and all its beauty!) I’m not Irish, but I love a good Irish beer.

A new list that came from Eat This Not That listed some of the best pubs in America. When you check out the full list, some of these look epic. So which is the best Irish pub in North Carolina and the rest of the country? Let us grab a Genius and take a look below.