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Suns out bees out.  A lot of bees are out and swarming, only problem is, is it just too early in North Carolina?  Bees are ahead of schedule because of the warm temperatures and the high pollen level.

Local pest companies tell Channel 9 their phones are ringing off the hook with people reporting swarms around their homes, outbuildings and yards.  Maryann Wood from the Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association reportedly says the busy bees are getting ahead in their nectar production.

A swarm of bees could be a couple hundred or a couple thousand.  What do you do if you find a honeybee swarm in your yard. Remember that honeybees are generally gentle creatures.  The experts say they may move on or you may have to call a pest service.  To learn more about the early swarming in the Charlotte area get details right here.

Here Are The 5 Best State Parks For Hiking In South Carolina

The daffodils are blooming, the Japanese cherry trees are glorious and all I can think about is lacing up my hiking boots and heading to the nearest State Park.  Here are the five best state parks for hiking in South Carolina.  Only In Your State never disappoints.  One of these is also one of my personal favorites.

Hiking is one of the best ways to fire all the happy chemicals in your brain.  Here is what you get from hiking. According to Google here are the benefits, As Daniel Levitin explains in his book, Successful Aging, hiking exercises the part of your brain designed to help you navigate through life—for example, the restrosplenial cortex and the hippocampus, which aids in memory, too—which is why hiking not only helps your heart, but helps your mind stay sharp, as well.  Plus it is fun!

Our family hikes quite a bit and when I go with my kids I tell them; breathe deep, look around and enjoy every step.  It increases the dopamine in your brain, you will sleep better and we have a no phones policy so the talks are nice.

There are so many wonderful state parks in both North Carolina and South Carolina where you can hike, camp, ride bikes or horses. Here are the 5 best state parks for hiking in South Carolina.



  • Kings Mountain State Park Blacksburg, South Carolina

    This one is not listed in Only In Your State, but this is one of my favorites and I know you will love it especially if you live in the Charlotte area.  Kings Mountain State Park has it all!!  You can take your horse, which I have done hundreds of times but there are also designated hiking trails.  You will see all kinds of small waterfalls and beautiful  things to see, smell and feel.  You will also learn a little something about the Battle of Kings Mountain while you are there. To learn more about this park just go right here.

  • Paris Mountain Sulphur Springs Trail Greenville, South Carolina

    Here is what Only In Your State has to say about this gorgeous place, Get your burn on with this one! The trail will take you up and down rocky slopes, through forests, and back again for a 3.5 mile loop. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent with you! This is for the advance hiker for sure!

  • Sesquicentennial State Park Columbia, South Carolina

    According to Only In Your State, 1,400 acres of breathtaking nature in the heart of Columbia, SC, this park offers so much including the much needed getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Family-friendly and pet-friendly with a load of amenities. Note that there is an admission fee.

  • Poinsett State Park Wedgefield, South Carolina

    Only In your State had this to say about this place, Also known as the “Mountains of the Midlands”, there are plenty of nature trails and amazing sights to see from beginning to end. Definitely family friendly hikes and pet friendly. The best part besides all the beauty that will be surrounding you? It’s free!

  • H. Cooper Black State Park Cheraw, South Carolina

    This is another personal favorite of mine. Over 7,000 acres of long leaf pines.  It is the perfect place for horseback riding and the hiking is glorious as well.  To learn more get details from their website right here.