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Have you watched the latest streaming sensation everyone’s talking about?  I’m referring to HBO Max’s “The Menu.”  If not, you have to catch it.  Ralph Fiennes stars as a chef at the fancy, yet mysterious island restaurant full of deadly surprises.  No doubt, it’s a dark plot.  But, I loved it.  I guess with my love of all things food, I enjoyed the mocking of the super pretentious “chefy” chef types and those who worship them.  Anyway, not to spoil anything, there’s a scene-stealing burger at the end I keep thinking about.  People magazine shares what happened when a consulting chef for the film helped them make the burger from “The Menu.”  The chef says “burger balls” are the secret, along with 80/20 ground beef.  He takes ground sirloin and divides it into 8 balls.  And, I always hear that handling the meat as little as possible is also important.  He agrees.  That can sometimes result in a tougher product.

Then, he places the burger balls into cast iron.  He puts a piece of parchment on top so he can press down without sticking.  Next, he presses the balls into a thin patty.   This is the time to season and add very thinly sliced yellow onions on top.  And, then flip the patties leaving the onions on the underside steaming and infusing the flavor into the fat.  He uses the iconic American cheese.  In my opinion, it’s the absolute best burger cheese.  Toast up the buns in some butter.  The chef uses pickles on the bottom and ketchup.  Finally, the chef stacks the patties and gives a press.  It really is that simple.   You probably won’t want the other items on the film’s menu.  But, you can make the burger from “The Menu” and get rave reviews!

The 15 Best Burgers In Charlotte North Carolina

Today, August 25th is National Burger Day. Which is another fantastic holiday.  Especially as a child, I was a burger connoisseur. I had probably eaten one at every restaurant in Charlotte. As I’ve gotten older my pallet has slightly expanded and in an effort to keep my waist from doing the same, I don’t order them for every meal like I once did. But don’t let that sentiment fool you, I still love a good burger! But who has the best burgers in Charlotte? I’m not so sure anymore. So I was excited about making this list. And while the heavy hitters (many of which I love) definitely made an appearance on this list, there were some I wasn’t familiar with (and I can’t wait to try!). In fact, I know what I’m doing for lunch today.

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57, and french fried potatoes. A big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer… Ok, that’s not actually my preference (shoutout to Jimmy Buffett) but it does need to always have cheese. And lots of it. Bacon also helps a burger go from good to great in my opinion. Many restaurants have a special sauce to make them stand out. Or crazy combinations you wouldn’t think of. Do you like yours old-fashioned, fancy, with chili, or plain jane? Fries or Tots? Milkshake, soda, or beer to wash it down? Charlotte has a burger spot for you.

The rankings come from the review site Yelp and are based on the “highest rated” feature. There are 15 burger restaurants all in the Charlotte city limits. For restaurants with more than one location, they are combined and ranked where the highest rated location was. This list features 15 restaurants but there are obviously many other fantastic places to grab a burger. What’s your favorite spot? Let us know on social media.

The 15 Best Burgers In Charlotte North Carolina