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In a story that seems destined to be on “Dateline” sooner rather than later, a Franklin, North Carolina woman has been arrested and accused of faking her own murder.  37-year-old, Margaret Frances “Maggie” Elizabeth Sweeney was arrested on Aug. 21 and charged with causing a false report to a police station, false report of death or serious injury by telephonic communication and obstructing law enforcement officers.

It is purported that Sweeney anonymously informed a friend and the Department of Social Services that she was murdered.  Sweeney was reported missing on August 18.  Following a search by Franklin Police, she was found safe a day later.  The reason for the arrest stems from the belief that authorities were led (falsely) to initially conclude Sweeney was endangered or dead.

Here’s where the story starts to beg for Keith Morrison.  At this time, this is all we really know. Franklin Police Chief Devin Holland told NewsNation‘s Dan Abrams, “At this time, we have not had any follow-up interviews with Miss Sweeney.  Once she was arrested, she was released on her own recognizance, and we have not had any contact with her since.”

This means there’s still not been any motive reported at this time although the usually suspects (domestic issues, mental trauma) have definitely been speculated.  All we know for sure is that Maggie Sweeney of Franklin, North Carolina has been arrested for faking her own murder.  Stay tuned.

These Are 5 of the Most Dangerous Cities in South Carolina

South Carolina is home to a lot of things. From beautiful and historic towns to the beaches to the swamps, there is always something to visit and see. But, just like anywhere else, South Carolina does have their troubling areas as well. Not everywhere can be all peaches and cream, that is just how the world works. Even though you may know and love an area, it can also e very dangerous. Maybe you know what parts of a place to visit and what parts to stay away from, but not every tourist knows that information.

Southwest Journal went on to name the most dangerous cities in South Carolina for 2023. A study was done by RoadSnacks and compared over 50 cities across the state. With the use of the FBI’s latest crime reports, they looked at both violent and property crimes in each city. Taking the information they found, they were able to compile a list of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Of course, we wanted to take a look into some of the top cities. So, below you can find the top 5 most dangerous cities in South Carolina. Interested in the full top 10? Visit Southwest Journal to see.

  • 5. Myrtle Beach

    Coming up at #5 is one of our popular tourist destinations for the summer, Myrtle Beach. Overall, the city has seen a slight decrease in violent crimes but the property crimes are on a rise. Just a few years ago, you had a 1 in 10 chance of being a victim of theft or damage. Which for many, when visiting on vacation the time for this kind of crime can be disheartening.

    • Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,379 (Fifth most dangerous)
    • Property Crimes Per 100k: 8,716 (Most dangerous)

  • 4. Spartanburg

    If you have ever traveled through the upstate of South Carolina, then you know of Spartanburg, South Carolina. In 2022, Spartanburg was named the 5th most dangerous place to live in the state. On average, Spartanburg has more than one burglary happening in a day. Violent crimes are also somewhat of an issue in the area as well. With a mixture of locals and college students, there are tons of things happening in the city at once.

    • Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,430 (Fourth most dangerous)
    • Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,101 (Eighth most dangerous)

  • 3. Florence

    Now, this one is one of those that some people would hate to see their hometown, but as someone who traveled to Florence frequently growing up, you may agree on it as well. They have one of the top burglary rate in the state and in one year, they had over 500 violent crimes. For a town that is not super populated with tourist and about 38,000 people locally, the 500 violent crimes can be quite a bit.

    • Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,456 (Third most dangerous)
    • Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,192 (Seventh most

  • 2. Darlington

    Up next at #2 is Darlington, South Carolina. Darlington is known mainly for their tobacco farms and NASCAR races, but crime is a major factor in the area as well. Over the years, the amount of property crimes that have taken place has also seen an increase. There is more than one car theft per month and I guess the amount of racecars that may be in the area also plays a role in that.

    • Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,594 (Second most dangerous)
    • Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,344 (Sixth most dangerous)

  • 1. Orangeburg

    Coming in at #1 and being the most dangerous city in South Carolina is Orangeburg. Orangeburg is full of rich history but it is a city that has had quite a past. Orangeburg is filled with locals and students from the two major schools in the area. The city has the highest violent crime rate in the state with about 177 assaults reported amongst its 12,529 residents.

    • Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,731 (Most dangerous)
    • Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,560 (Fourth most dangerous

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