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So, the moment all Beyonce´ fans waited for is here.  The artist takes to the Bank of America stage tonight.  But, everyone is all abuzz about the Beyonce security guard hottie on her tour.  And, he’s gone viral, with good reason I might add.  It’s none other than security guard James Plaza.  And, it’s pretty obvious, but, I’ll let you know he’s also a professional bodybuilder.

Fans first noticed this hunk on a recent stop in Landover, Maryland.  And, that’s when one concert attendee snagged video of Plaza on the side of the stage.  Of course, he stunned in his suit as he gave a sexy smile in reaction to the crowd going “mute” during her “Energy” performance.

According to People, as she belted out “look around, eerbody on mute,” the Beyonce security guard gave a smirk noticing the crowd obeyed and fell silent.  A TikTok video circulating is racking up thousands of views.  And, Beyonce´ officially declared the city the “eerbody on mute war winner.”  Those in the know are aware of the singer’s challenge from city to city.

So, when the queen takes the stage tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina we need to make sure we show up for the challenge.  It’s the one time an artist requests silence.  Don’t disappoint!  And, as you might imagine, fans took to social media combing pages to find shirtless shots of the dreamy security guard James Plaza.  And, he did not disappoint either.  However, I believe he went private following all the hoopla.

As it turns out, Beyonce security guard James Plaza has won several competitions and silver medals galore.  He’s a freelance protection officer.  But, he works privately with VIPs.  So, allow me to take a beat and search images.  Enjoy the show tonight.  But, enjoy the “James show” on socials!

Concert Companions: 10 Types Of People You'll Meet At Live Shows

There’s something incredibly special about going to a concert and witnessing your favorite artists perform live on that stage. It’s not just about the music anymore. It’s about the whole atmosphere and the unique energy that fills the air. The experience can transport you to a different world, where you can momentarily forget about the stresses of everyday life and lose yourself in the melodies and beats.

One of the best things about concerts is the sense of connection and community they create. You’re surrounded by people who share your love for the same artist or genre. It’s like you’re all part of this big, beautiful family. Singing along, dancing together, and cheering as one.

The people at concerts are just as fascinating as the concerts themselves.  When you gather thousands of music lovers in one place, you get a colorful tapestry of personalities and behaviors. It’s a great opportunity for “people watching.” And if you are an astute people watcher, you know that there are definitely types of people who you encounter at shows. Here, we break it down and list ten of the types that we seem to see at every show.

  • The Die-Hard Fan

    From the minute the concert begins, the die-hard fan’s energy level is at an entirely different level. They are the first to rise to their feet, pumping their fists in the air They know all the lyrics, and dance moves. And they are fully immersed in the music. They are often seen front and center, singing and dancing with a lot of energy.

    Portrait of friends enjoying at music festival front row close to stage

    Wavebreakmedia/ Getty images

  • The Social Butterfly

    Concerts are seen to the social butterfly as an opportunity to socialize and make new friends. From the moment they arrive at the concert venue, the social butterfly exudes a warm and approachable aura. They strike up conversations with those around them, sharing their excitement and genuine enthusiasm for the music and the event.

    Couple with beer at music festival talking

    Maksym Belchenko/ Getty Images

  • The Casual Observer

    These concertgoers are there to enjoy the music but prefer a more laid-back approach. They may not know every song, but they appreciate the experience and are content to relax and take it all in. You might see them nod along or tap their foot to the music, occasionally joining in during well-known choruses or catchy hooks.

    woman casually observing outdoor concert

  • The Selfie-Addict

    For this person, attending a concert is all about capturing the perfect selfie or video to share on social media. They spend a significant amount of time taking photos, recording snippets of songs. From the moment they arrive at the concert venue, the selfie addict is armed with their smartphone or camera, ready to capture every moment. They meticulously plan their shots, searching for the best angles, lighting, and backgrounds to enhance their photos. They may even experiment with different poses, expressions, and even selfie sticks or tripods (if they can sneak them in) to ensure they get the perfect shot. They might need to be reminded that concerts are best experienced without a phone between their eyes and the stage. On the other hand, let them have their fun.


    Female friends using cellphone at music festival

    bernardbodo/ Getty Images

  • The Mosh Pitter

    You know that person at a concert who just throws themselves into the craziness of the mosh pit? That’s the mosh pitter. They’re all about the energy, the excitement, and the physicality of the music. When the heavy tunes start blasting, you can find them right in the middle of the action. They’ll push, shove, jump, and even try their hand at crowd surfing. It’s like they’re tapping into some primal energy, just letting loose and going wild.

    Man crowd surfing at music festival

    Paul Bradbury/ Getty Images

  • The Dancer

    This person has an irresistible urge to dance to the music, regardless of their skill level. If you’re a “people-watcher,” the worse their dancing skills, the more fun you’ll have watching them. They can be seen moving to the beat with enthusiasm and encouraging others around them to join in the dance. An even if they’re terrible, it’s the thought that counts.

    Two young women dancing and having fun at a music festival

    Two young women dancing and having fun at a music festival

  • The Super Fan

    They’re the ones who take fandom to a whole new level. The kind of person who lives and breathes for the artist or band performing. They’re like walking encyclopedias of everything related to their favorite musician. They might dress up like the artist, have handmade signs, or bring special props to show their unwavering support. You can see that they’ve been rehearsing for this show for weeks. Or months. Or years.

    Trendy man with glitter beard.

    ajr_images/ Getty Images

  • The Critic

    This individual analyzes every aspect of the performance, from the artist’s stage presence to the sound quality. The concert critic isn’t afraid to point out areas where the performance fell short or could have been better. But they also make sure to highlight the artist’s strengths and any standout moments that deserve recognition. They might even engage in discussions with fellow concertgoers, debating the artist’s performance or comparing it to previous shows. (They might forget that they’re there to have a good time.)

    concert critic

    daniilphotos/ Getty Images

  • The Wallflower

    These individuals prefer to observe from a distance rather than actively participate. They may be shy or simply enjoy the music in a calmer manner, quietly enjoying the concert experience. While the more energetic concertgoers are dancing, jumping, and singing along, the wallflower tends to sway to the music in their own subtle rhythm. They’re not the type to scream or shout, but you can see the appreciation on their face as they close their eyes and get lost in the melodies.

    woman sitting far away from concert

    ArtMassa/ Getty Images

  • The Party Animal

    The party animal is an expert at making the most of every moment. Concerts are seen as an opportunity to let loose and have a wild time for them. They often arrive in groups, bring their own party supplies, and are usually the life of the after-party. They’re not afraid to sing at the top of their lungs, even if they don’t know all the lyrics perfectly. They’re there to have a good time, and they make sure everyone around them is having a blast too. You might want to avoid them, especially during ballads. Unless you’re into hearing loud off-key vocals (that may not even get the lyrics right).

    Girls toasting with beer at the music festival

    Mina3686/ Getty Images

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