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So, there’s inflation hitting you at the gas tank.  There’s inflation hitting you at the grocery store.  But you have to feel like if the name of your store is “Dollar Tree” you’re safe there, right?  WRONG.  On Tuesday, Dollar Tree announced that it would hike prices on most of its products to $1.25, starting early next year. However, the company says the price hike isn’t due to inflation, but about “more flexibility” to offer more products.  Let me translate that for you.  Their price hike is due to inflation.

I wonder if the extra quarter is enough to pay for the company to change its signage all across America?  Doubt it.  Speaking of which, can someone sue them for false advertising at that point?  Please don’t.  Paying for that lawsuit is liable to raise the prices to $1.50.  That tree’s getting expensive.