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Kids, here’s a fact that you can believe now or believe later. The older you get, the more you’re impressed by the feats of older people. I’d love to tell you that I feel the same way rolling out of bed today that I did when I was 25…but no. <g> So, when I read about someone SIGNIFICANTLY older than I am doing something to a world-record level, that I don’t even get? I’m all in. Dave Schaut is 65-years-old skiing enthusiast from Colorado. Okay, stop there. Just THAT is impressive to me as not only can’t I ski, but I’m scared to death (and have been my whole life) of trying and savagely breaking a bone. Now, Schaut has become the oldest person to “Grind a Ski Rail.” COOL! Now, if you’re like me and wondering, “What’s that?”

Now, I’m even MORE impressed. Not only is he 64. Not only is he still skiing, BUT he’s successfully balancing on icy rails?! Schaut says he was inspired and encouraged by a Beaver Creek Ski Resort employee who saw him doing his thing and told him to go for the record. Here’s the best part. Guiness DID NOT HAVE a category for this. Now it does.  However, you can’t dictate to Guinness officials. They came up with some guidelines for the record. According to Schaut in a UPI interview, “The minimum rail length required was five meters, or 16.4 feet long — longer than I was used to. Also, the rail couldn’t be wider than 12 inches. At first, it was hard to find a suitable rail, until Beaver Creek put up a 25-footer, or a rail 7.5 meters in their park. I decided to use that rail to satisfy the record, even though it was 8 feet longer than necessary.”  God only knows what this dude is doing today to risk life and limb. I’m on my way to the gym to attempt to successfully survive an hour on the elliptical. Pray for me. <g>

Five North Carolina Ski Resorts That Aren't Too Far From Charlotte

It seems like the winter weather is here to stay. YAY! I’m glad it’s cooling down and if you’re into skiing and/or tubing, you’re probably glad too! Tubing is something I’ve never done on snow, and I would really like to try. I have gone skiing and it’s definitely not my thing. Of course, I’ve had three knee surgeries so I’m skiing isn’t the sport for me. LOL! If you love to frolic in the snow, Charlotte Five has a list of five awesome North Carolina ski resorts that aren’t too far of a drive.

Most ski resorts in the North Carolina mountains open in mid-to-late November. Though significant amounts of snow may not fall when the season begins, temperatures fall enough to make weather conditions ideal for skiing, snowboarding, tubing and more on artificial snow. If you enjoy any or all of those activities, here are five places to check out this winter.