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It’s real quick to jump to a different conclusion when you read a headline like “Woman Spends 500 Days In A Cave.”  The keyword there is “spends.”  It’s a lot different from where your mind naturally goes, “trapped.”  Either way, though, survival is impressive.  That being said, Spanish extreme athlete Beatriz Flamini CHOSE to go down into a cave for 500 days.

Beatriz was 48 when she went more than 200 feet down into a cave in Granada.  She left strict instructions for her team:  No contact, not even in the event of a family death.  This was an experiment on the effects of extreme isolationism, not deprivation.  So, Flamini had plenty of water and rations.  However, she had NO contact with the outside world.

In the almost 2 years that she was in the cave, Beatriz Flamini consumed 1000 liters of water, read 50 books, and passed her time knitting, exercising, and drawing.  Her health was closely monitored by scientists throughout.  Beatriz says she lost all sense of time after two months and had no idea how long she’d been down in the cave when the extraction team arrived on the 500th day.  “When they came in to get me, I was asleep,” she told reporters, per NBC News. “I thought something had happened. I said: ‘Already? Surely not.’ I hadn’t finished my book.”

You’d think, “How much could possibly happen in 500 days while I’m in a cave?”  Well, enough to make you think you’ve been in the “Twilight Zone.”  Just a couple of major world events that occurred while Flamini was underground include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

These Videos Will Show You What It's Like To Be A Winter Olympic Athlete

It’s fun to watch the winter games, but have you ever dreamt of participating or being a winter Olympic Athlete? Or maybe not actually competing but just trying some of the sports? I know every time I watch the luge, bobsled, or any of the other sliding sports I think “That looks so much fun!”. While here in North Carolina you don’t have too many opportunities to try these sports, there is one way you can get an idea of what they are like.

NBC and a few other accounts have posted “POV” or point-of-view videos on TikTok of several of the events. My personal favorite as hinted about is the luge and let me tell you it lives up to the hype. You can also take a ride of the halfpipe or see what it’s like to be an alpine skiier. What sport would you like to be a Winter Olympic athlete for?

Get more info and a full schedule here

Watch: POV Of Winter Sports

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