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Between my wife and I she is FAR more paranoid when it comes to food.  Seriously, she could have just opened a package of lunch meat or carton of milk an hour ago, she’ll smell it to make sure it hasn’t gone bad.  When we walk into a restaurant-any restaurant-her first move it to look for the sanitation/health rating that’s posted.  So, it was always surprising to me how she was far quicker to embrace the food truck culture than me.  She was all-in from the start.  Me?  Uh, this food was cooked in a truck, right?  How many trucks have you been in?  How many times have you said, “Damn, I’d LOVE to eat something cooked in here?”  See, I’m not crazy.

I’ve come around though.  There’s a couple of lobster roll trucks that I look forward to coming across.  A chicken and waffles truck I see from time to time is to die for.  And now, there’s this one that I HAVE to track down.  Katsu Kart Sando Shop is rolling Japanese comfort food.

Full disclosure, I’m an Asian food junkie.  Our whole family is.  And Japanese food in particular?  Forget it.  Perry Saito was laid off from his fine dining gig during the pandemic.  He then focused all his energy on this food truck.  Saito comes from a long line of food industry veterans.  His great-grandfather owned a restaurant in Myrtle Beach.  His mother worked in the business.  His father was a Tokyo chef.

Katsu Sando is a Japanese sandwich.  Saito explained to WSOC-TV“Katsu itself is like the Japanese version of cutlet.  In Japan, you’d get a katsu sando at a convenience store.”   

Something tells me, Perry Saito’s version is A LOT better than what you get from the Yokohama Circle K. <g>  The sandwich itself is made up of fried chicken or pork, similar to schnitzel, and is usually served with cabbage and hot mustard.

Look for KatsuKart on the streets and dive in.  You can follow them on Instagram here.  Order online here.


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26 Food Trucks to Check Out Around Charlotte

Need a quick bite? How about a great food truck. It’s the perfect in-between of seated eating and fast food quickness. Did you know Charlotte has over 20 different food trucks you could enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? From hot dogs and fries to desserts and tacos, you can get it all from a food truck.

Food Trucks Charlotte has you covered with a great map to see all the food trucks in the area. Find out what’s open, who are members, and what hot spots are near you through this interactive map. But, I would not be me if I didn’t make things a little bit easier for you. I took the food truck list and broke it down right here just for you. This way, when you are planning your next lunch break or weekend quick bite, you have the list right at your fingertips. Check out these Charlotte food trucks and find out where you’ll be getting your next meal!

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  • King Tut's Hot Dog Palace

  • Made From Scratch Food Truck

  • 22 Street Kitchen

  • The Chili Man

  • Nacho Average Truck

  • The Garbage Truck

  • Phresh Italian Ice

  • Rowdy Hot Dogs

  • Lowcountry Eats N' Sweets LLC

  • Caribbean Buzz Food Truck

  • Ole Buddy's Oinker Express

  • Bae's Burgers

  • Taco Green Go

  • The Atomic Dog

  • Cousins Maine Lobster

  • B Cook's

  • Mogogo Eatery

  • A Taste of Chicago

  • Mike's Vegan Cookout

  • Deejai Food Truck


    Deejai Thai Food Truck is so delicious Thai food in South End Charlotte. Online order or call 704-925-5956

  • Kreyol Flavors

  • Patty & the Dogs

  • Chickpeasy On Wheels

  • Detour Coffeebar

  • Dog n Dogs Food Truck